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  • LCT TK105 NV
  • LCT TK105 NV
  • LCT TK105 NV
  • LCT TK105 NV
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Product Description

Quick Look:

  • Polymer Grips in Black
  • Light Weight Furniture
  • Realistic Takedown for Furniture Replacement
  • Steel Body for Durability
  • Selectable Rate of Fire
  • Folding Metal Stock
  • Version 3 Gearbox
  • FPS of 400 with .2g BBs
What's Included:

About the LCT TK-105 NV AEG

The AK-105 is a member of the AK-10x family of assault rifles, developed in the mid 1990's incorporating newer, more modern features than predecessor AK's. The AK-105 is a shortened version of standard the AK74M assault rifle, featureing the same black polymer foregrip and folding stock as on the AK74M. LCT has taken it one step further with their TK-105 NV Electric Airsoft Gun. Featuring the durable stamped steel outer receiver and high grade polymer furinture that LCT is known for, the LCT TK-105 also features an RIS style polymer foregrip and the same steel frame folding stock as on the AKS74U, giving the LCt TK-105 a unigue, non-standardized look.. Although diffrerent on the outside, the inside features the same high grade parts you've come to expect from LCT. The gearbox is LCT's standard, all metal, pre-upgraded version 3 that can be found in virtually all of their AEG's, ensureing that you can fulfill any mission, anytime, anywhere. The LCT TK-105 is perfect for anyone wishing to unleash their inner mercenary!

Alternate Lookup: LCT TK105 NV AEG

Product Reviews

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  1. Extremly solid gun! 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 4th Jun 2014

    I'm writing this review because there is a lack of LCT gun reviews out there and people need to know how amazing this manufacturer is.

    The externals are really solid I had zero wobble on any parts of the gun, it also does not suffer from the fire selector loosening up like most airsoft AKs.

    Foxairsoft includes the pictured flash hider in a separate box so they don't have to paint it orange.

    The gun has good accuracy.

    A friend told me that one of the first things that needs to go when upgrading is the piston but it seems that LCT has upped their game with the piston and installed a super high quality polycarbonate piston.

    The folding stock is freaking awesome!

    Internally other then the motor ((I still got 15 RPS with a 9.6 stick battery though)
    and shims the internals are very good quality and its not over greased inside(thank goodness!)

    FPS is inconsistent anywhere from 400-425 (this is a major con for me because feilds in my state do not allow field guns over 400 so I"m currently working on bringing the FPS down).

    The TK-105 and AK-105 have a shorter barrel then most of LCTs other guns meaning they get less range and accuracy then the their other guns.

    Poor factory shimming job

    Plastic motor grip feels a little weak (not like its going to break it just feels pliable)

    I would say that the TK-105(AK-105) are LCTs weaker guns but they still show incredible qaulity,I love this gun but if I could go back I would have probably bought an AKS-74M instead of this gun. If you can bring the FPS down it would make an amazing CQB gun.

    I highly recommend buying an LCT if you want an AK.

  2. Absolutely amazing gun! 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 10th May 2014

    The gun has very solid externals, the only part that I think felt cheap is the motor grip still its not gonna break anytime soon.

    Very solid no wobble at all on the gun.
    Folding stock is not only useful but cool.
    Good looking!
    Nice weight.

    FPS it shoots a bit too hot for me at 410-420 (fields in my area do not allow over 400)
    Barrel threads are strange
    The magwell spacer is a must, otherwise popping mags in is a pain.

    I easily recommend this gun.

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