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About Cybergun and Palco Sports

Cybergun is a large distributor and manufacturer based in France with offices in the United States operating through Palco Sports. They primarily offer entry level and mid ranged airsoft guns as well as economical airsoft guns for big box stores. Occasionally through their manufacturing partnerships would high end releases be offered. Cybergun has several high profile exclusive licenses under their partnership including Colt, Desert Eagle, and FN Herstal. One of their claims to fame is also having a patent and offering the first clear airsoft guns which are available to markets that would not be allowed to have airsoft otherwise. Cybergun's American distribution has moved around a few times eventually settling on Texas and Minnesota with Palco Sports leading the way to offer us Cybergun products. Cybergun offers everything from airsoft guns to BBs to tactical gear. Outside of the scope of airsoft they do have partnerships in the paintball industry too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where are Cybergun products made?
A: Cybergun utilizes a number of OEMs under their umbrella. Their products are made in many places including Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China to name a few. The offer a lot of entry level and mid ranged items that are well suited for serious airsofters as well as affordable items seen in big box retail chains that do not specialize in airsoft. They are distributed in the United States by Palco Sports in Minnesota and shipped from their numerous warehouses.

Q: Who uses Cybergun products?
A: Cybergun is known for their exclusively licensed products with several high profile firearms manufacturers such as Colt. Those who want authenticity should look into Cybergun offerings.

Q: What product is Cybergun known for?
A: Favorite products include the XL Burst Banger and Tornado, though lately the 40 Mike has been getting a lot of mention just because of how insane it is.

Q: What is the average price range of their products?
A: They have spring pistols as low as $10, non blowback pistols as low as $30, and premium gas pistols starting at $100. They also offer sportline and proline type AEGs, starting in the low $100 range.

Q: Does Cybergun warranty their products?
A: Cybergun does offer a limited warranty on their guns and accessories protecting against manufacturer defects or quality in workmanship but you would have to reach out to Palco Sports who distributes Cybergun products in the United States. Fox Airsoft also offers our 30/30 warranty and return policy and can service items purchased from Fox Airsoft for that period as well. Proof of purchase required.

Q: What sets Cybergun products from others?
A: If you want authenticity particularly with the Desert Eagle or Colt lines, Cybergun has the best looking and feeling guns in that regard and anything else would be settling.

Q: How is the compatibility with Cybergun products?
A: For many of the AEGs and their Colt 1911 pistols, there is some cross compatibility with other standardized parts making it easy to service or upgrade these guns.

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