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Echo1USA, or Echo1 for short, is one of the oldest names in airsoft around. Coming into the scene back at a time when airsoft was still in its infancy in the US, in those days you could only get airsoft guns through importing straight from overseas. With doing that you run into high shipping fees, zero product support, chances of having your shipment seized by customs, and very few people you could turn to if something were to go wrong with your new airsoft gun. Not with Echo1USA though, as they were one of the first US based companies in airsoft.

The philosophy of Echo1 was always to bring high quality, affordable, good value airsoft guns that were designed to be used for play, not just for looks. Play Hard, Play Safe is their motto. Echo1 carries a wide variety of gun types and build levels to suit your budget. Their pro line guns feature metal bodies and are very robust. Their beginner guns are polymer body and feature 8mm ball bearing gearboxes making them great performers out of the box. For value many of the AEGs in their lineup come with a battery and charger, and occasionally a second magazine. When you factor in the extras, the cost is really good!

Of their lineup we carry the Red Star series AEGs and sniper rifles. The Red Star series is their AK lineup, featuring traditional classic looking AKs as well as tactical ones. The classic AKs feature steel externals and real wood furniture. The tactical ones will have railed forends and look more modern by comparison. Usually people liken their airsoft gun's reputation to the real counterpart. While not always true, in the case of the Echo1 AKs we'd like to think this is true! Robust, dependable, simple, and affordable. These are what Red Stars stand for.

For their sniper rifles we feature the M28 sniper rifle. This also follows Echo1's philosophy of being a really great gun out of the box and of tremendous value. These rifles fire in excess of over 500fps with 0.20g BB's which is near the limits of what major outdoor fields and milsim events will allow. This is really good because you do not have to spend money on velocity upgrades out of the box compared to other rifles. To put this into perspective, most bolt action sniper rifles in the same price range will be shooting around 400fps. To upgrade those rifles to be anywhere near the M28 would cost double.

Echo1 advertises their guns as being pre-upgraded out of the box. Although it is an overused term in general, what does pre-upgraded mean? Back in the day, Echo1 produced some of the hardest shooting guns for field use out there when guns were shooting a whole 100fps less. Nowadays, many makers who produce entry level guns still struggle to do this. But even for guns that shoot a similar FPS, the unknown or poor reputation companies have been known to take short cuts. Sure you can make a gun shoot 400fps but is it durable? Echo1 addresses that with a number of improved components that you would traditionally have upgraded yourself. Rest assured you will have something that works and works well out of the box.

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