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ICS TransforM4 Airsoft Gun CXP UK1

  • ICS Transform4 - Long Black - ICS-261
  • ICS Transform4 - Long Black - ICS-261
  • ICS Transform4 - Short Black - ICS-260
  • ICS Transform4 - Short Black - ICS-260
  • ICS Transform4 - Long Tan - IMT-261-1
  • ICS Transform4 - Long Tan - IMT-261-1
  • ICS Transform4 - Short Tan - ICS-260
  • ICS Transform4 - Short Tan - ICS-260
  • ICS TransforM4 - Short Black - UK1
  • ICS has engineered a unique reinforced split gearbox design with a blowback mechanism
  • Cutaway view of the internals on the ICS TransforM4
  • The ICS MTR Stock features QD sling attachment points
  • The split gearbox allows you to have a very easy to maintain and modular gun design.




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Fox airsoft offers a 30 day warranty and return policy.


About the ICS TransforM4

The EBB AEGs that are currently on the market have poor durability, are difficult to maintain, and always leaves something to be desired.  ICS is committed to innovate and build the best products with no compromises.  The founder of ICS, Mr. Chu believes that if a gun can’t satisfy the needs of our customers, it’s not good enough to be on the market.  ICS decided to create an innovative product that is durable, easy to maintain, and realistic.  Our goal is to go beyond simply creating a new AEG, but rather to innovate and create a high quality replica that can be used in the harshest environments.

The gun has all of the functionality you need, and in a beautiful package.  The UK1 handguard uses the keymod system with the same specifications as real firearms.  The TMAG provides you with high, medium and low capacity choices.  You also have a BB capacity window to see when you are running low on ammunition.  The new MTR stock provides adjustability, comfort and stability.  All of these features are a reflection of the ICS Mission Statement: The Best Thing We Create.

The TransforM4 CXP-UK1 comes standard with an ICS POM reinforced piston, metal hop up unit and a reinforced pinion and bevel gear.  These enhancements make it one of the most durable AEGs out of the box.  The body pins have tracks on them keeping them attached to the lower receiver when disassembling the gun.  The gun also has an ambidextrous charging handle allowing both right handed and left handed shooter to be comfortable.  The selector switch also releases the spring tension when moved to the safe position – another feature that will prolong the life of your gun.

You can use 11.1v or 7.4 LIPOs in the gun.  Try using a Fox Custom High Speed Motor combined with a 7.4v LIPO - you will get amazing trigger response, rate of fire (ROF) and minimize wear and tear on your gun.

Matt and Jarrod - the owners of Fox Airsoft have personally been fielding this gun during the 2014 Operation Season at Operation Irene.  The guns have held up remarkably well and come with their highest recommendation.

What's Included in the Box:

  • ICS TransforM4
  • Composite Front and Rear Back Up Sights
  • 300 rd High Capacity Magazine with Window
  • Manual
  • Keymod Rail System
  • 3 Keymod Rail Panels
  • Battery and Charger Sold Separately.  We highly recommend a Tenergy Battery and a Tenergy LIPO Charger.
  • Optional Accessories Sold Separately.  Front Grip, Magazine Clamp, Mock Suppressor, and Flash Hider are available

Quick Overview:

  • Multiple Options Available
    • Black or Tan Color
    • Short or Long Length
  • Reinforced Split Gearbox Design with Blowback!
  • UK1 Keymod Rail Interface System Handguard
  • TMAG with Window 
  • MTR Stock with QD Sling Attach Points
  • Metal Hop Up Unit
  • ICS POM Reinforced Piston
  • Tracked Body Pins to Ensure they are never lost!
  • Ambidextrious Charging Handle
  • Back Up Iron Sight System
  • Selector Switch Releases Spring Tension

Technical Specifications

  • Model Number: ICS UK1 or UK1R
  • Muzzle Velocity: 400 - 410 FPS with .20 gram BBs
  • Color: Black or Tan Aluminum Body and composite stock, pistol grip, and sights
  • Bushings: 6mm
  • Piston: ICS POM Piston with Steel Teeth and first tooth removed
  • Gears: Steel Gears
  • Pinion Gear:
  • Anti Reversal Latch: ICS Type - Linked to Selector Switch for Tension Release
  • Tappet Plate: Standard V2 Composite
  • Motor: Long Type 
  • Piston Head: Ported Composite
  • Cylinder Head: V2 Polymer with Brass Tip
  • Cylinder: Brass Cylinder
  • Nozzle: Composite
  • Spring: M120
  • Spring Guide: Composite
  • Inner Barrel Bore: 
  • Inner Barrel Length: 
  • Hop Up: Metal Rotary Style
  • Gearbox: Split Reinforced Gearbox with Blowback - V2/V3 Parts Compatible
  • Tamiya Battery Connector
  • Ambidextrous Buffer Tube Sling Mount
  • Ambidextrous Charging Handle
  • Removable Back Up Sights - flip up and down
  • Keymod Rail System with 3 Rail Panels
  • Fuse: Yes 20 AMP
  • Compatible Sling Types: 2 Point or Single Point

Weight and Dimensions

  • Dry weight of the gun without magazine or battery is 
  • Weight of the gun with battery and without magazine is
  • Weight of the gun with battery and with magazine is 
  • Entire Package Weight is 
  • Gun Length (Stock Extended): 
  • Gun Length (Stock Collapsed) 
  • Gun Length (Stock Folded) 
  • Package Dimensions 
  • Recommended Gun Bag Size: 36 inches
  • Recommended Maximum Battery Voltage: 11.1 volts

Unique Accessory options


Fox Airsoft offers a 30 day warranty and return policy which you can read more about here. The Manufacturer also offers a 1 year warranty for this product. 

Alternate Lookup 

  • ICS-260
  • ICS-261
  • ICS-265
  • ICS-264
  • IMT-260-1
  • IMT-261-1
  • CXP-UK1
  • CXP-UK1R
  • 9106, 9163, 8420, 9193, 9192, 9098, 9194

Read Matt's Full Field Review Here!

Matt from Fox Airsoft recommends this gun in our first episode of Airsoft Answers - What Rifle Would You Recommend? Watch it here:

TransforM4 Split Gearbox Design


TransforM4 Gearbox Cutaway


ICS TransforM4 Gearbox Design


Review from our customer
This is one of the most innovative airsoft M-4's on the market
Written by: Matt
ICS TransforM4 - CXP UK1
Date published: 07/19/2014
5 / 5 stars

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