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ASG Conductive Switch Paste

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About the ASG Conductive Switch Paste

This paste is part of the Ultimate Upgrade Series of parts and accessories from ASG. What this paste does is prevents arc discharge and maintains high conductivity between electrical components. 

Q: What is arcing?
A: Arcing is something that occurs with electric airsoft guns when the current jumps between the contacts within the switch assembly. This is a normal occurrence though the degree of the arcing largely depends on how high of a voltage battery you use and the current draw based on your gun's performance and upgrades if any. Every time you pull the trigger, the contacts will engage the switch assembly to complete the electrical circuit and with each pull you are adding this wear and tear from arcing. When arcing occurs the contacts in the switch begin to get dirty from getting burnt. As the contacts get more and more dirty, this will interfere with current delivery and your gun is getting less and less electrical juice that it needs to run properly to put it in simple terms. This is a longer term problem so you really have to think about it if you play pretty much every weekend for several months for you to see any decrease in performance from this. When the contacts get too dirty or burnt out, your gun will cease to stop working or work very intermittently. To fix this, you would have to have your gearbox opened and the switches brushed off and cleaned or switch assembly replaced. For those who are doing their own gearbox work, this paste will reduce the arcing and will increase your gun's lifespan on the electrical components.

Q: What are other ways to reduce arcing?
A: Installing a MOSFET or purchasing a gun with a MOSFET from the beginning will do a lot for your longevity when it comes to contacts and switches. A MOSFET is a type of switch which regulates the electrical input/output of the electrical system in your gun. Instead of the full current going through your switch, the load on the switch is reduced and goes through the MOSFET instead. The power goes from the battery to MOSFET straight to the motor and the current from the switch merely acts as a signal for the rest of the electrical to kick in. All this in turn also makes your gun more efficient and giving electricity to the components that need it with no resistance in between. Some MOSFETs are even programmable.

Note: Seek professional help when working on your airsoft gun. We are not responsible for any damage caused by improper disassembly or customization.

What's Included In The Box:  

  • 1 x 2.5ml ASG Ultimate Conductive Switch Paste

Quick Overview:

  • Contains copper, graphite, and electric conductive elements within the paste
  • Strong adhesion with excellent conductivity which can prevent electrical loss (more efficiency in your electrical system)
  • Protects and lubricates electric switch, connectors and selector plates
  • Temp. range -53°C~+982°C



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