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ASG Open Blaster Bio BBs .25 3000 Rd Bottle

  • Open Blaster .25g Biodegradable BBs - 3,000 rd. Bottle




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The Open Blaster brand of BBs are distributed by ASG.  The BBs are manufactured and quality controlled in Europe.  ASG brings you a great BB at a great price for your airsoft gun.

Quick Look:

  • Biodegradeable 
  • .25g Weight for standard AEG's and pistols
  • Ideal for indoor play
  • Made in Denmark

What's Included:

  • 1 x 3,000 Rd. Bottle of .25g Open Blaster BIO BBs

About the Open Blaster Bio BBs

Having the most advanced high quality airsoft guns means practically nothing if there is no high quality ammo available. Action Sport Games offers high grade BBs alongside their other items. To ensure that their BBs meet a high standard, ASG performs random product testing and provides close feedback to their factories. All of ASG's BBs are producted at facilities in Denmark. ASG's Blaster line of BB's represents one of the highest standards in manufacture for BB's. All BB's in this lineup undergo strict quality control measures to ensure a consistently high quality of BB's. 

Most BB's vary in sizes ranging between 5.93mm and 5.98mm in diameter even when measured with other BB's from the same package let alone batch. This discrepancy or inconsistency affects the trajectory and precision of the BB's. If the BB measures larger than 5.98mm, there is a significant risk of BB's jamming in your barrel. This chance is increased even more if you are using a tight bore barrel. For BB's that are undersized and sitting on the low end roughly at 5.93mm, you will lose some compression since you have air escaping now and as a result you lose some velocity and accuracy even.

ASG Open Blaster BB's sit at around 5.95mm in dimension (+/- 0.01mm) and have an incredibly smooth and seamless finish. Open Blaster line BB's also receive a proprietary coating to enhance smoothness to ensure what they claim almost no loss of compression when shooting. 

More importantly, the Open Blaster series of BB's are all biodegradeable. These are nontoxic and are tested for use in US and in Europe. These BB's are made from PLA media which degrades when introduced to moisture and oxygen. PLA stands for Plastic Filament which is made from renewable materials such as corn starch and sugar canes.

In our own testing here at Fox we found the BB's to be very consistent. One test we do is a "bubble test" which we break these BB's down to see if the BB is perfect and true. We look at the inside of the BB's to make sure the air bubble is centered. Having the air bubble centered will ensure a proper flight.

Q: Do I need bio-degradable BB's?

A: If you play at an outdoor field they will pretty much always require you use bio BB's. Or if you are shooting on your personal property you might want this type of BB's so they will break down over time and not stay in your backyard forever.

Q: How fast do these break down?

A: Months to years. It's not fast by any means because these need to have a balance of shelf life for those who store these every now and then. If exposed to the elements this happens faster.


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