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ASG Open Blaster Tracer BBs 3300 Rd. Bottle

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About the ASG 3300 RD. Tracer BB's: 

Light up the night with these tracer rounds from Action Sport Games. Tracer BBs glow in the dark when used in conjunction with a tracer unit. The tracer unit emits an internal pulse of light as the BB exits the barrel to activate the glow in the dark material, allowing you to track your shots in the darkness. Useful in CQB and low/no light games, you can see these travel better than BBs during the day and you can track your shots with them. Also gain an edge against your opponents as they will have nowhere to hide when they see a stream of BBs heading toward them.

In terms of quality, these ASG Tracer BBs are made to the same high standards as their other BBs. They are made and quality controlled in Denmark for the best quality. You can take comfort in knowing that going back and forth between these Tracer BBs and other ammo will not harm your gun. These Tracer BBs look and feel just like your other typical ammo so do not worry about possible residue out of the materials used to make these glow. That is mixed straight into the material that composes the BB.

Fun tip: mix these in with your normal BBs so you get the machinegun tracer effect when you are going full auto! Real life support weapons use tracers for reference in aiming so that the gunner can make corrections in their aim. You could also use tracers as a way to alert yourself that you are running low on ammo. Load them toward the bottom of your magazine in higher concentration and by the time you get low and you see more and more tracer shots coming out, that will be your indicator that you are running low.

How Do Tracer Units Work

Tracer units usually will come in the form of a mock suppressor and is attached to the end of your airsoft gun. You will need the mount it to a threaded barrel so mounting it in place of a flash hider or on your threaded pistol barrel would be the most ideal. Tracer units are battery powered and contain an internal sensor that detects when a BB is passing through the unit. Once a BB is picked up by this sensor, a flash of light is emitted internally, shining onto the BB as it exits the bore. With tracer BBs, this flash of light is enough to activate the glow in the dark material and you will see the BB travel for a distance. This gives the same effect as tracers used in real guns essentially. The tracer effect can aid you in tracking shots in pitch black conditions as well as help determine hits. These are very popular for CQB use as a result. Resourceful players sometimes use their flashlights in lieu of a tracer unit to activate the glowing agent.

Quick Overview

  • 3300rd Bottle
  • High Quality Construction
  • Tracer
  • Glows Green when activated by a tracer unit or concentrated light
  • Tracer unit required 
  • These BBs are NOT biodegradable 


Alternate Lookup: 19407, 19408, 19406

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