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Elite Force Slick Spray Oil

  • Elite Force Slick Spray Oil




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Quick Look: 

  • 2oz spray can with straw
  • Use to clean barrel and lubricate bucking in AEGs
  • Use to clean barrel, lubricate bucking, seals, and O-rings in gas guns
  • Use to lubricate magazines

About the Elite Force Slick Spray Oil

Maintenance is very important to keeping your airsoft guns up and running. The most important thing you should keep are bottles of 100% pure silicone oil such as the Elite Force Slick Spray. These can be used to clean inner barrels, lubricate hop up buckings, and the small parts and seals on gas blowback guns and rifles. You can also use it to lubricate the parts inside a magazine, particularly mid caps because they have a lot of BBs to push out.

How To Lubricate Your Bucking

Spray directly into the hopup chamber or use a cotton swab to lightly apply oil to the bucking directly.

How To Clean Your Barrel

Use a small patch of paper towel or cloth (about a 1 inch x 1 inch square patch) and fold it in half into a triangle. Insert the material into the loop end of your cleaning rod. Spray lightly with silicone oil. Run the rod into the bore of the barrel and keep going til you feel something blocking. Do not force it further, this is where your bucking is and you could potentially damage it by forcing the rod into the chamber. Pull the rod out and change out the patch for a new one and repeat every step until the patches start to come out clean. Finish with a dry patch and run it through the barrel to remove the excess oil in the barrel.

How To Lubricate Seals and O-Rings (in gas gun magazines)

Disassembly of the gas gun magazine is required for detailed lubrication. Professional help should be consulted if you are not technically proficient. Remove all the valves and seals from the magazine and spray/soak with oil and reassemble. Keep a little bit of gas in the magazine for storage. The gas pressure helps distribute the oil inside the magazine.

How To Lubricate a Gas Pistol, Rifle, SMG

Oil should be lightly applied to the internal firing mechanisms and hammer assembly. Wipe off excess. Also apply some oil on the recoil spring and slide rails.

How to Lubricate Mid Cap AEG magazines

Spray directly into the magazine a small amount and move the follower back and forth or load and unload the magazine a few times. This will lubricate the follower and the track that the BBs feed from.

How to Lubricate Pistol Magazines

Spray directly where the follower travels and move the follower up and down to distribute the oil along the track.

About Umarex/Elite Force

Umarex is one of the biggest suppliers of the hottest licensed guns and accessories in airsoft. For guns you can get all the popular models such as H&K, Glock, Beretta, IWI and more. There are even unique guns such as the Ares Amoeba Striker sniper rifle. All Umarex and Elite Force items are backed by some of the best warranties in the country.

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