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BFG HK Style Sling Hook

Posted by George Church on 6th Jul 2023

BFG HK Style Sling Hook

BFG HK Style Sling Hook - Enhance Your Sling Setup

Attention, airsoft enthusiasts! Are you looking to enhance your sling setup with the BFG HK Style Sling Hook? While we no longer carry this specific product, we have a wide range of alternative sling hooks available that will meet your needs and elevate your airsoft experience. Check out our selection of sling hooks to find the perfect attachment for your sling.

Blue Force Gear is renowned for their exceptional slings and sling customization options. While the BFG HK Style Sling Hook provided a quick detach feature for your existing sling, our current range of sling hooks offers even more functionality, compatibility, and customization possibilities. Whether you're seeking a traditional strap style attachment or exploring the convenience of snap hook adapters, we have a variety of options to suit your preferences.

Our sling hooks are designed to fit different sling sizes and offer quick detachability, allowing you to swiftly transition during intense airsoft battles. You can adapt any similar sling to one of our upgraded attachments to add versatility and convenience to your loadout. While the BFG HK Style Sling Hook was specifically designed for HK-style slings with small sling eyelets like the iconic MP5, our range of sling hooks provides compatibility with various sling types and interfaces.

We understand that premium quality and durability are crucial factors when it comes to selecting the right sling hook. Although we no longer carry the BFG HK Style Sling Hook, we recommend exploring our current selection of sling hooks, which offer stronger and more durable nylon materials, signature features, and the assurance that you're investing in high-quality gear.

Upgrade Your Sling Attachment Style:

Traditional Strap Style:

Loop the webbing through a sling loop (typically 1" or 1.25"), then loop it back around and secure it with a buckle.

Snap Hook Adapter Style (using this item):

Loop your traditional strap style sling through this adapter instead of attaching it directly to the gun. This enables quick detach functionality, giving you a one-point sling setup. Purchase a pair to convert it into a two-point sling!

MASH Hooks Adapter:

The MASH hook offers a different approach compared to snap hook styles. With a spring-free design, this single-piece hook works similarly to a key ring, where the ring overlaps and can be opened by squeezing the adapter in the middle.

Push Button Swivel:

The Push Button swivels feature a button on the end for quick and easy sling detachment from a round socket found on some rails, stocks, and aftermarket sling mounts.

While the BFG HK Style Sling Hook had its advantages, our current range of sling hooks provides a diverse selection to suit your specific needs and preferences. Each product is designed with quality and functionality in mind, offering you reliable performance on the airsoft field.

Quick Look:

  • Adapts your sling to use HK style mash hooks.
  • 1" eyelet for webbing (1.0" and 1.25" slings are okay).
  • Finished steel construction.
  • 1 hook per pack.
  • Not recommended for use on AK front sling loops, as the loops are larger and may accidentally disengage the hook, releasing your sling from your weapon. If you wish to use this on a gun without compatible sling loops, we recommend considering alternative solutions such as a Universal Wire Loop or the MASH sling loop from Blue Force Gear.

Warranty Information:

Please note that while we no longer offer warranties for the BFG HK Style Sling Hook, Fox Airsoft provides a 30-day return policy. Warranty claims for alternative sling hooks are honored by their respective manufacturers, exclusively to the original purchaser. To make a warranty claim, please contact the manufacturer directly. Blue Force Gear offers a limited lifetime warranty that covers their products, excluding normal wear and tear, mishandling, and abuse.

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