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Elite Force / VFC VR16 Avalon Series overview (Calibur and Saber) | Fox Airsoft

Posted by Tang on

If you are looking for one of the best feeling, best shooting, most realistic airsoft rifles look for no other than VFC. First, a little background on VFC. VFC stands for Vega Force Company, and they are a top tier manufacturer based out of Taiwan. They make all kinds of high end airsoft guns and accessories, and through this partnership with Elite Force, we now have available the VR16's in the US.

You really get the best of both worlds here. You get a high quality gun that was once available only in small numbers and the product support, availability, and the amazing warranty that you get with Elite Force.

Let's talk about the guns and how they are built. Starting with the outside of the gun, you get a high quality, aluminum receiver. The receiver is anodized, unlike some cheaper metal guns where it's just painted on. The weight is also more realistic, being that it's aluminum. Some Proline metal guns use cast metal bodies, so that adds weight, but it's actually heavier than what's realistic.

A couple of notable features are the functional ambidextrous selector, the functional bolt catch and release. This allows you to adjust the hopup unit without having to hold the charging handle the whole time. Simply lock it back by pulling the charging handle, make your adjustments, close the fake bolt. You also find some accents throughout the gun with the QRS line of accessories, which includes the textured grip, trigger guard with the integral finger rest, blade trigger, QRS stock and QRS QMAG.

Click to see more info on the VFC Avalon Series

On all these guns, you'll find the hand guards to be free floating aluminum with either KeyMod or M-LOK, depending upon the model you go with. The Saber series will be the ones featuring M4 style receivers with M-Lok rails. The Caliber series will use the taller HK416 style receivers for a different look. Those will have KeyMod rails. Both styles are available in short and long variants, and in black or the tan bronze finish here.

You also get backup polymer flip up sights that are spring loaded. The QRS stock is a nice feature because it has generous battery space with some clever wire routing options to allow you to run numerous types of batteries out there. The polymer QMAG is also nice touch. These are mid caps that hold 120 rounds, and they're textured for a nice positive grip. They don't, however, come with the BB loader out of the box, so you'll have to purchase those separately.

For the internals, all the rifles featured here are going to have 8mm ball bearing gearboxes with MOSFET and a quick change spring guide. All the air seal components will be high quality and give you pretty much a perfect air seal from the factory. These guns are a popular basis for custom builds for that reason.

The barrel is a brass 6.03mm tight bore, combined with a high quality bucking and rotary hopup unit, making this a very accurate gun out of the box. The gun's trigger response is very, very snappy. You can expect these guns to be shooting anywhere from the 380 to 400 feet per second range, depending on the length that you end up with. This gun can handle an 11.1v Lipo battery with no problems. You can easily achieve mid 20 rounds per second with just that alone.

As with all Proline rifles, this gun does not include a battery or charger. What you are getting is higher durability, better fit and finish, and tighter quality control standards. Sure enough, even an inexpensive gun can hit that 400 FPS mark, but it doesn't feel as smooth or well tuned as a gun of this caliber.

Now, a little disclaimer for people who have a little bit more to spend on their first gun and are possibly looking at something like this, especially adults with a little bit more money to spend. You have to understand what what you're paying for is all that extra quality. It's not so much you are doubling the life span of the gun by spending double of a gun that's entry level. That's simply not true, and I just want to make sure you understand that off the bat.

This also occurs a lot with real firearm enthusiasts who see these as replicas, and look at the price tag and say, "I could get a real gun for that price." While that's certainly true, you have to remember these aren't firearms. These look like it, but inside are complex machines, and that's what you're paying for, is a complex machine that looks like a airsoft gun.

Click to see more info on the VFC Avalon Series

That being said, maintenance and care for a Proline gun such as this is the same as any other airsoft gun, regardless, so as long as you clean it, maintain it, and treat it to the right ammo and proper battery usage, then you should see a lot of good use out of this airsoft rifle.

I personally enjoyed running this brand of gun for years, so I can say from experience that I do think that this is top notch rifle. This is just the most current version, so they're always updating the internals with new features that'll help you in the long run. I can highly recommend it for those who want something durable, reliable, and are into milsim type games where they want the best gun for the money.


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