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FAF Airsoft: Winter Warrior 2020 | Fox Airsoft

Posted by Fox Airsoft on

On February 1st, 2020, we'll be holding our annual Winter Warrior game at FAF Airsoft in Parker, CO. This is smack dab in the middle of winter (sort of) so you get a taste of cold weather skirmishing.


About FAF Airsoft Field @ Flat Acres Farm, 11321 Dransfeldt Rd., Parker, CO 80134

FAF or Flat Acres Farm Airsoft is our home airsoft field which we host games at in conjunction with Flat Acres Farm here in Parker, Colorado. This field is open for players of a wide age range and experience levels. You can be new and come to play for the first time and rent equipment to try airsoft out (reservations on equipment ahead of time are recommended as we do experience high demand at times). Existing players can bring their own guns and gear and play as well, so long as they follow the safety standards and equipment guidelines.

New to FAF?

All rules and information about FAF can be found here: FAF Airsoft Field Information

An important couple of things that you should have before even coming to the field are:

  • Proper Z87 ANSI rated eyewear - must be full seal and have a retention strap. Shooting glasses or mesh masks are NOT permitted. Lower face protection is mandatory for players under 18 years of age.
  • Gun bag - Have a gun bag or a box for your gun for transport, we do not allow you to walk around in the parking lot with guns out. We are near a busy public road and you can get in trouble.
  • Guns that shoot within our field limits - if you just bought your gun it would not hurt to verify its performance at Fox Airsoft's retail store in Parker before you come down for the first time. Some brands shoot harder than others out of the box and we would hate to disqualify you from play and waste your trip to the field. Certain guns may require modifications to lower the velocity in order to comply, some of which is very easily performed by our techs. Consult with us at our retail store if you need help with this.

How to gear up for winter

See you out there!


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