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Gear Talk: Winter Gear | Fox Airsoft

Posted by WebStore on 9th Jan 2020

Gear Talk: Winter Gear | Fox Airsoft

Today's guide is designed to help you play airsoft in the winter. Be sure to use common sense and dress appropriately and of course hydrate. The most important thing in all this is to stay dry. Do not over layer to the point where you are sweating otherwise you will actually put yourself in a worse position. We'll talk a little bit about each aspect from the clothes to gear and then guns.

A member of Steel Reapers Airsoft team from out here in Colorado taking aim at FAF Airsoft Field

Base Layer

First, every loadout begins with a base layer of clothing. You will want to wear a t-shirt underneath this all but you could opt for a thermal layer instead if it is that cold where you are at. Keep the layers closest to your skin the thinnest but able to protect against moisture.

BDU - Battle Dress Uniform

The next layer will be your BDU layer. Pretty self explanatory here unless you want to run a winter specific BDU top. This may still require you to have an insulating layer because standard BDUs might not cut it.

Outer Layer

Your outermost layer will be a softshell or insulated jacket of some sort. This layer will keep you shielded from wind as well as dry from the moisture you will likely encounter. You will have to experiment with how you layer because you want to avoid moisture in any way possible, both external and internal. If you layer too much, you're going to be sweating underneath all that and the moisture can lead you to 

Optionally for snow, you could throw over some sort of white top over everything which will help you conceal better. They are designed to be baggy to fit over your other layers and are typically very thin so they should not add any heat on top of your other gear. You can find these types of suits in surplus stores or made for militaries whose countries routinely see snow.

Head Gear

For head gear, you could use a beanie or a balaclava with wool being your best bet for keeping warm. If you should wear something that covers your face, be mindful your breath may cause your eyewear to fog.

Condor Watch Cap


For gloves, again your goal is not only warmth but to keep dry. Your hands might be handling things and touching snow or wet ground or things like that so you will want to do your best to keep them dry. You could wear special winter gloves or layer your gloves, but keep in mind that bulky gloves reduce your dexterity and also makes it difficult to use certain airsoft guns (queue winter trigger guards!).

Winter is a great excuse to perfect your other field craft


Your feet are just as important and the moment you get them wet you're in for a bad time. So good, warm socks are important but don't overdo them to the point where your feet are soaking from sweat. Keep them dry be it with the proper footwear or gaiters.  Your footwear should be waterproof too. Don't be the type of person who wears a ventilated hiking boot in snowy conditions, you will regret it!

Web Gear

Now moving on to your gear, if you somehow can fit your plate carrier on top of all this stuff, more power to you. If you don't need to run a plate carrier, a chest rig is infinitely easier to work with.

After you square away your gear and clothes situation, the most important thing to do is to test it out. Wear it on a cold day and maybe try some activities, but not to the point where you could risk anything serious. If you can keep a reasonable level of comfort for about an hour or two, you'll likely be fine for airsoft.

These are our quick tips about winter gear and playing airsoft in the cold. Hope this helps!

Colorado players: Come to Winter Warrior 2020!

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