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How to Start and Airsoft Team | Fox Airsoft

28th Jun 2019

How to Start and Airsoft Team | Fox Airsoft

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Hey guys, Matt with Fox Airsoft here and today we’re going to talk about forming an airsoft team. Perhaps you are looking to get into the sport with a few of your buddies or you’ve been playing a little bit and want to join a larger group so you can work as a team. Teams are often formed between friends who share similar interests, whether it’s to have fun, look cool, or play competitively.

Before I started Fox Airsoft, I formed a team called Swamp Fox 12 with my childhood buddies. For us it was about having fun, hanging out, and teamwork. We loved the challenge of continuously improving. When we were ready we started travelling and playing in large ops together all over the United States and even overseas. Forming my airsoft team allowed me to build lifelong friendships and create some unforgettable memories. It created a passion for airsoft that ultimately led to me and a couple of my guys to forming Fox Airsoft.

Fox Airsoft is also staffed by active players who understand the game, the equipment, and share the same kind of passion I have. These guys also have their own respective teams and unique play styles and personalities and can relate with people whether they are new to the game or have been playing for a while.

How do you form a team?

There is no right or wrong way to do it but if here is a step-by-step approach for those who need it.

  1. Choose a goal or theme - teams need a purpose to function properly. Do you want to have a casual team that is out there to have fun? Do you want a competitive team? Teams that want to build a following and gain recognition? Do you want to have a theme such as a certain style of loadout? Everyone has to be on board for this common goal or you will have frustrated teammates. It’s okay to be casual too. The group that gets along and plays well together is the better group than a team that is so serious it creates drama. But all this should be worked out up front to avoid all of that. If you want to have a casual crew to play with, just keep it at that. No need to make it complicated.
  2. Gather and organize a group of friends - you might already have friends who play or if you don’t, get out and play at your local airsoft field and start making friends.
  3. Get out and play regularly - seems pretty easy but you should coordinate with your buddies to go out as often as possible. If people are not committed to playing your team will not be active for very long. This is usually what kills an airsoft team pretty quickly. If you aren't very active then you will lose that fire that got you together in the first place. Just make sure you are getting together to enjoy the sport. Even after 20 years from forming Swamp Fox 12, I'm still extremely close to all the friends I have on that team. We still get together to play airsoft but we also enjoy other interests and activities and we have a deep comradely that came from having a team that was consistent in following our goals.
  4. Create a look - you need a look to define your team and it can be as simple as wearing the same camo/uniform. A team should have loadouts that match what your theme is and you can also create things to make your team look legit.
  5. Be a good member of the airsoft community - make sure you and your team represent yourselves as good members of the airsofting community. When you are going out as a team, be considerate of other people. Remember, there are new players every week and one of the best things you can do is create a great atmosphere for those around you where people have fun and enjoy themselves. Sometimes that involves letting people join up with you and play for the day or giving assistance if needed. People are more likely to be friendly and help you out both on and off the field and you will grow your network of friends if you take a good attitude with you to the field. If your team conducts themselves poorly your reputation will also become synonymous with that and you could have a negative outcome. We’ve all seen airsoft fights and freakout videos and these small isolated incidents are not what airsoft is all about, but is something that could hurt the sport just the same. Airsoft is a game of honor and being a good sport is important. If you don't conduct yourselves with dignity and honor then none of this works.
  6. Remember to have fun - do not get obsessed with procedures and roles and tactics if nobody is having fun. I think the most important lesson is that if people aren’t having fun they won’t want to stay on your team.

In the end, forming a team is not just about winning or dominating other teams or looking cool. It’s about building friendships and enjoying the sport together. If you’ve been playing for a while and have your own team, I’d love for you to share your stories about your teams and the positive effect it had in your lives in the comment section below. If you’re building your team, check out Fox Airsoft for your equipment needs. Thanks for watching.

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