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Tech Tips: Zero Your Scope/Sights | Fox Airsoft

Posted by Tang on 12th Jun 2020

Tech Tips: Zero Your Scope/Sights | Fox Airsoft

Today we are going to talk about something that we noticed is highly overlooked and often poorly understood in the airsoft world and that is how to zero your sights.

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The first thing we want to make sure is your airsoft gun's hopup is already setup and tuned properly to the weight BB you intend to shoot. We will assume you have done it already and so that won't be covered here.

ASG 3.5-10x50E Illuminated Scope

Before we begin talking about zeroing your scope, we need to install it first. When you are installing your scope, follow all instructions in any included manual. Make your your scope is level when you install it, otherwise your adjustments will go out the window. When tightening your scope rings, do not over tighten any bolts.

A common misconception we see is players thinking their scope might not be functioning correctly out of the box. They often indicate this by saying their gun shoots way off to one direction or another in relation to their sight picture just after mounting the scope. Most of the time it comes from people buying the scope and throwing it straight onto the gun without reading the manual. The thing about scopes is they need to be adjusted once mounted to the gun. The scopes are intended to be universal so who is to say that setting it up for one gun would make it spot on for another gun.

The procedure for zeroing your scopes and sights will generally be the same, though the controls might look different. What you are going to want to do is find a suitable place to test your airsoft gun. A good 50 feet or more is a great start. If you have a suitable backyard or piece of property, this is good. If you don't, you will have to reserve your test shooting to at an actual airsoft field. For weather conditions, the best time to do this is with no wind. Use a paper target for this exercise. Sometimes paper targets have grids that might come in handy.

NC Star 2-7x32 XRS Illuminated Scope

Scopes will have an adjustment for windage and elevation and the adjustment usually comes in the form of a knob, key, or set screw. Sometimes the turrets have hidden adjustments underneath a protective cap that needs to come off first. The windage adjusts your reticle by moving it left or right. The elevation adjustment takes care of up and down adjustment. Your product manual or sometimes the scope might mark how much each click of an adjustment will change at a specific range.

Now this is the step that you have to make sure you are doing your part: shooting the gun as accurately and as error-free as possible. Human error, heavy breathing, unstable shooting positions, etc can make it more difficult to zero your scope and make the correct adjustments. If you can shoot in a way that induces minimal error then you are good to go.

Take slow, well-aimed shots at the target. Usually you should take about 3 to 5 shots, throwing out the results that were an obvious fluke. Observe where they hit which is called the point of impact. The point of aim is where you had placed your crosshairs/reticle. Now look at the relation between the point of aim and point of impact. Now you can determine how far off you are and the corresponding adjustments to make. For example, if your impact is level with the point of aim, but 2 inches to one side. You would make the corresponding windage adjustment that would result in a change of 2 inches. If your shot was high and to the right by 3 inches you would have to make the appropriate adjustments on both your elevation and windage turrets to get squared away. After you have made your initial adjustments fire another string of shots. Observe where your hits are now and if they have gotten closer to your point of aim. Then repeat until your points of impact coincide with your point of aim.

ASG 1-4x24 DMR Short Dot Scope

When you are doing this, remember to not overdo it on adjustments or you could damage your scope. The adjustments are meant to be minute. Course adjustments are usually made in a manner of several clicks, not entire revolutions so just be careful. You want to get into the ballpark of your point of aim and then work from there.

NC Star 3-9x40 Shooter Series Scope

Adjusting traditional iron sights is not too different, though less realistic airsoft guns might have non adjustable sights, while other guns might have a realistically functioning set of sights. 

For sights that adjust via set screw, it is not likely you will get any tactile clicks so all of your adjustments will be coarse and that's okay.

Your sights should be zeroed to a reasonable range that the gun can consistently perform the same accurate hits if the shooter does their part, and not just inside of max range where you might get some shots that do not reach.

That is how to adjust your sights in a nutshell.

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