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The Best Airsoft Guns of 2021 | Fox Airsoft

Posted by George Church on 4th Jan 2021

The Best Airsoft Guns of 2021 | Fox Airsoft

Are you looking for the best airsoft guns on the market in 2021, but not sure what to get? This list is for you.

In this article we will cover the best airsoft guns in 2021 ranked by what we would take into the field. Whether you're new to the sport or a seasoned veteran, each of these guns will help you master the field. 

1. ASG Scorpion Evo ATEK

Price: $399.99

Great for: Advanced players looking for a high performance rifle. 

The ASG Scorpion EVO is a unique gun both internally and externally. As if the design wasn’t fantastic already, the new ATEK kit includes a modified MLOK rail system, angled grip, and an extended magwell with an extended mag release lever, which makes a great design even better.

The gun features Empty Magazine Detection, a Functional Bolt Catch, and Ambidextrous Controls. For the internals, this gun has features such as a Quick Change Spring, 3 Round Burst, and Automated Internal Failure Detection. The Quick Change Spring allows you set up the gun as a fantastic indoor SMG, or a high powered marksman rifle. The Evo’s mosfet is programmable, allowing for a three round burst setting. The Internal Failure Detection System lets you know if anything goes wrong, and helps prevent causing further issues like stripping a piston. ASG has built a unique and groundbreaking gun, and the evo deserves a spot on this list for combining realistic functionality with high performance.

ASG Scorpion EVO ATEK Airsoft Gun

2. SSG-1 USR

Price: $250.00

Great for: Indoor/Speedsoft players

The G&G SSG-1 USR Speedsoft Airsoft Gun is the first speedsoft ready gun out of the box. It comes with a lightweight polymer body and a very adjustable stock to give you the best performance on the field.

The SSG-1 is a rifle built off of the M4 platform, but is very different from anything we’ve seen before. It’s designed to be the perfect rifle for indoor or CQB games. The adjustable stock allows you to set the perfect angle for shooting over and around cover. The SSG-1 shoots right around the velocity requirement of most indoor fields. It also comes stock with a mosfet and an electronic trigger unit, which allows the use of lipo batteries for the best possible trigger response and rate of fire.

G&G SSG-1 Airsoft Gun

3. AAP-01

Price: $99.99

Great for: Gas pistol enthusiasts 

The ASG AAP-01 is a very unique pistol that focuses on performance. It has a selector located in the rear of the bolt that can switch between semi and full auto. It uses a closed bolt design which allows the gun to cycle quickly without putting too much wear and tear on the internals. The aap-01 uses a standard WE tech/Elite force style glock mag, and includes a green gas magazine out of the box. This pistol is also rated to take co2 magazines.

The AAP-01 is equipped with an upper and lower picatinny rail which allows for the use of accessories like a red dot sight, a flashlight, or a laser. It includes fiber optic style iron sights, and has a 14mm CCW threaded barrel.

If you’re looking for a high performance pistol that would be a great alternative for something like a hi-cappa, this pistol is a great way to go.

AAP-01 Assassin Airsoft Gun

4. G&G Raider

Price: $165.00

Great for: New players

The G&G raider is one of the best starter AEG’s in its price range. It’s a traditional style polymer M4, with a quad picatinny rail that allows for the use of any standard picatinny accessories such as lights, lasers, and grips. The polymer external furniture is lightweight, yet still durable.

The raider shoots 350-370 FPS, and also features an adjustable crane stock. For the color options, you get a choice of black or tan. If you’re looking for your first airsoft rifle, you won’t be disappointed in the raider.

G&G Raider Airsoft Gun


Price: $199.99

Great for: Beginner to intermediate players

The Elite force M4 MLOK CQB is the latest edition in elite force’s competition line of AEG’s. It features a premium EFCS gearbox that is a step up from gearbox in previous competition models. This new gearbox includes a speed trigger, as well as optional program-ability through the use of the Ares programmer (sold separately). The Elite Force M4 MLOK is a great entry into the higher end of competition rifles, and the MLOK lightweight rail is a great addition to an already solid rifle.

Out of the box, this rifle will be shooting 350-360 FPS. When compared to other guns in the same price range, the elite force competition models are ahead of their competitors in terms of features and performance.

EF M4 MLOK CQB Airsoft Gun

6. Action Army T11

Price: $219.99

Great for: Bolt action sniper enthusiasts 

The ASG Action Army T11 is a fantastic entry into the sniper rifle category. It is a pre upgraded VSR-10 style rifle. There are two variations of the t11 available: the full length version with a stock, and the compact version with no stock. Out of the box it comes with an upgraded steel cylinder, enlarged grooved bolt handle, aluminum vented piston with a steel base and low friction rings, 90 degree trigger and piston, ball bearing spring guide, aluminum cylinder head, and a precision enhanced hop up chamber with concave hop arm.

These upgrades make it one of the best options available within its price range. Out of the box it chrono's at 420-440 FPS with a .20g. At four pounds it is much lighter than many sniper rifles, yet still has a solid well built feel to the body. If you're looking for a great out of the box vsr-10 sniper rifle at an affordable price, this is the one.

Action Army T11 Airsoft Gun

7. Lancer Tactical MK18 Gen 2

Price: $139.99

Great for: New players

This may be the most controversial gun on this list, but here's why I included it. The gen 2 Lancer Tactical M4's largely improved upon the design of the gen 1's and fixed the issues that some people encountered with the older model. The body is now a solid nylon fiber compared to the ABS plastic of the old bodies. This makes it more durable than ever. The gearbox and hopup unit have been improved upon to make the performance reliable and accuracy consistent.

This rifle also features a quick change spring guide, which is not common on rifles under $150. This is very useful when going to different fields, and needing to change the velocity in a matter of minutes. The gun includes a 9.6v battery included and a wall charger so it's ready to use out of the box. The front of the gun features a picatinny rail system which allows you to attach most common accessories with ease. The included magazine is a 300-round high cap magazine. All in all, this gun is one of my top picks for beginners who want a great m4 aeg at the most affordable price.

LT MK18 Gen 2 Airsoft Gun

8. ASG Optic Ready P-09

Price: $169.99

Great for: Gas pistol enthusiasts 

The optic ready P-09 is unique and game changing improvement for the CZ line of pistols. The ASG P-09's have a reputation of being one of the best performing pistols on the market. I have been using the P-09's with great success for many years, and now the already fantastic pistol just got better.

Generally, if you want to go about mounting a red dot sight onto your pistol, you'd have to have custom modifications made to the slide so that you could attach the optic plate. Now these P-09's include this plate already installed, so that you can attach a red dot out of the box! These are much easier to use than iron sights, and are great for playing in dimly lit area's where it might be difficult to see your sights.

In addition to the optic plate, the new P-09's come in a new sleek black and gold color scheme. The slide has been modified with new porting, which looks more aesthetically pleasing. Lastly, the optic ready P-09 includes a hard carrying case which is the icing on the cake for this pistol.

ASG CZ Optic Ready P-09 Airsoft Gun

9. Elite Force S&W M&P9

Price: $99.99

Great for: New players, and training

This Elite force officially licensed Smith and Wesson M&P replica is a perfect pistol for fans of the popular M&P line. It is a partial blowback co2 pistol, which makes it a high powered and durable gun and a good option for a training pistol. The partial blowback simulates the action of a real pistol, and adds a little bit of recoil. The co2 magazines help the pistol run better in cold weather climates. 

The slide is metal, and the lower frame is a durable polymer. This pistol also includes interchangeable back straps, so you can adjust the grip to conform to your hand. The M&P chrono's at 300-330 FPS, and features an adjustable hop up screw to get the maximum range out of the pistol. This gun checks all the boxes of a solid airsoft pistol, and is a welcome addition to the variety of officially licensed replicas.

EF S&W M&P9 PBB Airsoft Gun

10. Glock 34

Price: $249.99

Great for: Training, and advanced gas pistol users

Last but certainly not least on our list is the Glock 34. This is a brand new addition to the Elite force lineup of Glock models. So what makes this one special?

This Glock is a high velocity co2 model, with a metal slide and polymer lower. It chrono's at 350-370 FPS, and its recoil packs a good punch compared to other green gas models. What really makes this Glock stand out from the rest of its pre upgraded internals. The hammer, slide rails, and most of the moving internal parts are all made from a high quality steel. This pistol is made to last, and very well might be the most durable airsoft pistol on the market right now. If you want the best of the best, you won't be disappointed in the Glock 34 by Elite force. 

EF Glock 34 Deluxe Airsoft Gun

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Honestly, this is the only airsoft shop I will ever buy from. Their guns are always quality. Their custom work is mind blowing. Their staff is not only helpful, but always happy to help. If you are just starting out or have been playing for years, these guys have guns, gear, and good advice for every situation.
— R. King
Awesome company and products. Received sooner than projected from Colorado and I'm in California. Less than 2 days from placing order to receiving it. . Everything shipped as ordered . Incredible selection and great price... Did my homework and eventually came back to them. I'm glad I did. My squad will be ordering and I be ordering more gear as well.
— John
Great people great place I've ordered a few small things. Delivery was on time both times great items. Yesterday I checked my mail they sent me a fox airsoft patch just to say thanks and to me that's a way to do bussiness. Fox y'all have got business keep up the good work.
— Matt
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