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What to bring to an airsoft game?

Posted by George Church on 2nd Jun 2022

What to bring to an airsoft game?

When I went to my first airsoft game, I didn’t really know exactly what I was getting into or what I should have brought to my first game. I had a pretty good idea of the basics. 

However, I was so focused on the essential equipment that I didn’t think of these things that would have made my experience better. 

Here are a few items that you should definitely pack for your first game:

1. Extra water/ snacks

You can never have too much water with you. I’d suggest bringing a gallon jug, along with a water bottle you can carry. A great alternative that is much easier to work with would a hydration pack. These allow you to keep the extra water weight on your rig, and have a convenient hose to drink from.

You’ll also want some snacks. I like to carry food that doesn’t need to be refrigerated, such as protein bars and beef jerky.

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2. Gloves

Oftentimes people forget to bring gloves. Not only are they nice in the winter months when it’s cold, they are also good to have in the summer. 

Getting shot in the knuckle doesn’t feel great (especially at close range), so I’d suggest these Condor gloves to protect your hands.

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3.Extra battery

Bringing an extra battery with you is definitely a good idea, even more so if there is not access to power where you are playing to charge your battery. You don’t want to risk ruining your trip with a dead battery and no backup options.

These days I run with several different extra batteries just incase I have an issue. 

4. Chair

It’s definitely worth having a chair when you come back to the staging area. Some fields have a few chairs provided, but its nice being able to set up your own under some shade.

Microfiber cloth/Anti-fog

Unfortunately, google fogging is a problem that isn’t going away anytime soon. The best option to combat it is to have a cloth you can clean the lens with, along with antifog solution.

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5. Hand warmers

These are nice to have for yourself, but another great use for them is keeping your extra batteries warm. Batteries really don’t like cold temperatures, but if you keep them contained with a hand warmer, they have a better chance of keeping their charge longer.

6.Extra magazines

Sometimes I go through a bit more ammo than expected, and when I do, I’m glad when I’ve packed extra bb’s. You’ll have to experiment to find out how much ammo you tend to use, but personally I’ve found that I typically use about 200-400 rounds in a 20-minute game.

That’s pretty much the essentials. If you bring these to your game on top of your normal equipment, it may make your day just a little bit better. Obviously I didn’t cover everything in this blog. You’ll need the basic equipment, which can all be found in our starter kits. Hopefully you find this information helpful, and I’ll see you on the field!

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