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​Which is better: an electric or C02 airsoft gun?

Posted by Casey Meraz on 7th Jun 2022

Selecting the right airsoft gun helps in leveling up the game. Every new or old player must know the differences between an electric powered or CO2 gas airsoft gun. Various options are available in the market for playing airsoft, like spring-powered, gas, and electric airsoft guns.

However, the main question that appears is which is better. Each has distinct muzzle velocities, magazine capacity, fire rate, etc. Comparing before buying is crucial to do before purchasing the airsoft gun. Finding the answer is different, but we collected the information to help the airsoft players.

Below we cover the most used options: Electric and CO2/ Gas airsoft guns. The following information will help you to be able to select the right airsoft gun:

Pros and Cons of Electric Airsoft Guns

Electric-powered airsoft guns give the ultimate experience to the players. The essential part that keeps them running is the rechargeable batteries. Any player gets the choice of using semi-automatic or automatic firing. In terms of the structure of the gun, both metal and plastic alternatives are present.

Most electric airsoft guns are quiet and allow multiple upgrades. The users can also leverage the accessories they want to get the right look and feel for their gun.


- The first advantage to using it is its low long term price. These guns are rechargeable so there is no need to buy a fuel. 

- Fire speed with the electric airsoft guns is excellent. Most are typically semi automatic and electric.

- They are generally a better choice for beginner airsoft sports players.

- It's easy to upgrade an electric gun (as long as you don't have to go into the gearbox).


- A drawback is that it is not ideal for the blowback action although some offer this.

- If you have to do a gearbox upgrade (like spring, gears, etc.) it typically requires an expert.

- More complicated systems. There are more parts to break on an electric airsoft gun since they are more complicated operations. 

Pros and Cons of CO2 or Gas Airsoft Gun

Gas-powered guns are fueled with various gasses to propel the pellet into the barrel. The most commonly used gasses are nitrogen, green gas, compressed CO2, and propane. The gasses help during sliding and automatically load the next round. With this mechanism, there are numerous options, both blowback, and non-blowback.

Comparatively, the non-blowback airsoft guns are more powerful. At the same time, they conserve gas better than blowback models. During airsoft sports, the gas airsoft guns provide a realistic experience to the players. But, the downsides of this type might change your decision to buy. Below is a list of pros and cons of playing with gas airsoft guns.


- Gas airsoft guns offer accurate shooting even at longer distances.

- These are perfect for the blowback action.

- Both automatic and semi-automatic options are available with this type.

- The players get the advantage of realism during the sport.

- The winding magazines are not required in gas airsoft guns.


- These guns are usually louder than electric airsoft guns.

- To play for longer, you will always need the gas canisters.

- It is not suitable for cold environments as the gas gets frozen. These can be a problem in Colorado's harsh winters.

- The mechanism of the gas airsoft guns is complex.

- Generally, it is for intermediate players and not beginners.

How are electric and co2 airsoft guns different?

Before buying the airsoft gun, the main differences between electric and co2 airsoft guns are necessary. The pointers are arranged in tabular form below for better understanding:

Electric Airsoft GunsCO2/ Gas Airsoft Guns

Electric airsoft guns are a good option for playing the sport. But the feel of playing for real can not be experienced by the players.


CO2 or gas airsoft guns use the models without batteries. So, when you play on the field, you will feel a more realistic experience on the ground.

Battery Powered

The electric airsoft guns use batteries to play. It can be drained and is not suitable for extended games.

Gas Powered

These airsoft guns use a mechanism that works after fuelling the gun with gas. It helps in shooting the targets better.

Beginner Friendly

Anyone can use electric airsoft guns. But it is best for the players at the starting stage.

Not Beginner Friendly

Gas airsoft guns are not beginner friendly. The people who are at the intermediary stage can use these guns.

Not Ideal for blowback Action

Many players in the field using electric airsoft guns are not supposed to use the blowback action. The reason is these are not suitable for this action.

Ideal for blowback action

In contrast, the gas airsoft guns are ideal for blowback action. These guns are feasible for both blowback and non-blowback action.


As the electricity is cheaper, the buyer of electric airsoft guns will have many affordable options in the market.


CO2 or gas airsoft guns are pretty expensive. Most options the players can find start from approximately $140-$200.

Choosing the better option to play

Finally, compare the points by yourself according to your requirements. Such as checking the need for fire range, the environment you play in, budget, etc. One thing is straight if you are a beginner, an electric airsoft gun is a right choice. Airsoft sports are a feel for players, and that complete experience is possible with the gas airsoft guns.

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