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Colorado Airsoft Fields


FAF Airsoft Field is the closest field to Fox Airsoft and is one of the only fields that is as close as it is to the city. With just a 5 minute drive from Fox Airsoft, this field makes for a very popular weekend pickup spot for a number of local players. Games at FAF usually happen every Saturday unless otherwise specified and is also closed for 8-12 weeks in the fall to accomodate for a corn maze and a number of other fall festivities that happen on the land where the field is located. 

Kiowa Creek is without a doubt the field with the most structures on it. With some 20+ small structures, this field is a great place to get some good engagements between structures. these games aren't as objective based but they are good fun and usually attract about 40 players per weekend. This field is located about 45 minutes east of Denver out in Bennett, Colorado. 


The DMZ is the only indoor field in Colorado (the only field of it's size anyways. There might be some small indoor fields). The field limit here is 350 FPS so make sure that your gun is properly outfitted with the right internals. 


GoAirheads is located up north in Erie Colorado on some private land and is run by a small group of airsofters who manage to get about 50 players out to their weekend games. Note: GoAirheads is not open year round and is only open for games on weekends. It is a private residence so please do not show up here during the week. 

Game Resources


This organization has deep roots in Colorado airsoft, comprised of many players they have many games going on in Colorado. ASCO and their hosts do game at Flat Acres Farm, Kiowa Creek, and in many different locations throughout Pike National Forrest. For more information or to join their forum visit their website.


is your one stop resource for all games and events across Colorado. Building the Colorado community as a whole and adding the resources for all of your Colorado airsoft needs and wants. 

 Airsoft Game Organizations


Doing Milsim airsoft games that typically consist of nonstop gameplay, these missions are designed to simulate a piece of a national operation to keep your skills sharp to compete in National Level events. Typically hosting missions once a month taking place both at night and during the day.


Taking the time to provide rich back story and multiday operation airsoft, these games are held once or twice a year. These games will test your endurance and put your skills to the test in a large scale event.

jtac-airsoft-copy.jpgTaking the time to have fun and give a unique experience with creative and classical objective based games. These games are commonly held many weeks out of the month at Kiowa Creek Paintball field.

Interested in learning more about airsoft games and organizations outside of Colorado? Check out our links below:


American Milsim provide a exciting and fast paced national operation at some of the largest Areas of Operation in the country. AMS has their signature "DAM" or Direct Action Missions that will push your airsoft and milsim skills to the edge.


These national operations are long established and well known to many veteran airsoft players. Typically consisting of multiday events these provide a unique experience to play on some of the best Areas of Operation that airsoft has to offer.


Airsoft Pacific