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Tippmann Outer Barrel for M4 Airsoft Gun

  • Tippmann has outer barrels available in multiple lengths for their M4 Airsoft Gun
  • Tippmann's 20" outer barrel for the M4 Airsoft Gun
  • Tippmann's 16" outer barrel for the M4 Airsoft Gun
  • Tippmann's 10.3" outer barrel for the M4 Airsoft Gun




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Fox Airsoft offers a 30 day warranty and return policy.


About the Tippmann Outer Barrels for their M4 Airsoft Gun:

Are you looking to change the length of your barrel on your Tippmann M4 Airsoft Gun?  Tippmann offers a full line up of outer barrels for you to choose from.  The outer barrel is cosmetic and mounts directly to your upper receiver.  The standard length included with the Tippmann Airsoft M4 is 14.3 inches.  Tippmann offers 3 additional lengths for you to build the rifle length you desire.  Pick the 10.3 inch barrel if you're goal is to build a maneuverable close quarters rifle.  Use the 16 inch barrel if you are looking for a rifle with a little more range and accuracy than stock, while still keeping the ability to maneuver in tighter spaces.  Or if you are going for extreme range and accuracy, use the 20 inch barrel for outdoor play.  These outer barrels are designed to house an airsoft AEG inner barrel - you'll need to install one of these to realize the range and accuracy benefits.  Use the Fox Custom 6.03mm tight bore barrels for maximum performance in range and shot groupings.  Use the Fox Custom 247mm inner barrel in conjunction with the 10.3 inch barrel, use the Fox Custom 407mm inner barrel with the 16 inch barrel, and use the Fox Custom 509mm inner barrel with the 20 inch barrel.  Not comfortable installing the barrels on your own?  No problem.  We have you covered with our Fox Custom Upgrade Service.  Simply click on the link and purchase the service, send in your gun and your work will be completed by a certified Fox Custom Gun technician.

What's Included In The Box: 

  • 1 x Barrel in the selected length
  • Lengths Available:
    • 10.3 Inches
    • 16 Inches
    • 20 Inches

Quick Overview:

  • Designed to customize the length of your Tippmann M4 Airsoft Gun
  • Available in Multiple Lengths
    • 10.3 Inches
    • 16 Inches
    • 20 Inches
  • Install yourself or have a Fox Custom certified technician install and rebuild your gun

Technical Specifications:

  • Model Numbers: TA50150, TA50151
  • Compatibility: Tippmann M4 Airsoft Gun
  • Available Lenghts:
    • 10.3 Inches
    • 16.0 Inches
    • 20.0 Inches
  • Fox Custom Barrel Compatibility:
    • 10.3 Inch = Fox Custom 247mm Inner Barrel
    • 16.0 Inch = Fox Custom 407mm Inner Barrel
    • 20.0 Inch = Fox Custom 509mm Inner Barrel

Weight & Dimensions:

  • Weight of the Barrel: 
  • Dimensions of Box: 

Parts Exploded Images from Manual:


Replacement Parts


Fox Airsoft offers a 30 day warranty and refund policy which you can read more about here.

Alternate Lookup: TA50150, TA50151

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