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Colorado Built for National Operations: Airsoft Training

All applicants are required to obtain a 3 Color Desert Uniform and a Tan FAST Helmet – if you purchase these items at Fox with your Fox Platoon Registration you will receive a discount. Click Here to Reserve Your Training Slot!

What is fox platoon

Fox Platoon is a unit that is being built with the specific purpose of creating a cohesive unit to attend National Operations. The training will be performed by members of Swamp Fox 12 and sponsored by Fox Airsoft.

Age Requirements

Minors will be permitted on a case by case basis deppending on maturity.  Most operations have age requirements of 18 years of age and up.

The Commitment

In order for this unit to be successful, there is a substantial time commitment required.  This is to properly train and build the camaraderie within the unit.
Everyone who wants to be a part of Fox Platoon is required to complete the Basic Training Pipeline (4 Saturdays) and then complete the required pre-operation training (2 weeks prior to Operation Lion Claws).  All training sessions must be completed successfully to obtain your Fox Platoon patch and officially become part of the unit

The Training

The training syllabus consists of 4 weeks each building off of the previous.  The training is designed to build physical fitness, individual player skills, teamwork, discipline, and communication.

Week 1 - Indivual Training
  • Physical Training
  • Communications
  • Marksmanship & Weapon Transitions
Week 2 - Fire Team/Squad Training
  • Physical Training
  • Squad Maneuvering
  • Squad Based Communications
  • CQB
  • Squad Formations
Week 3 - Platoon Training
  • Physical Training
  • Platoon Maneuvering
  • Platoon Based Communications
  • MOUT Theory
  • Platoon Formations
Week 4 - Integration
  • Review of previous weeks material
  • Platoon Based Mission
  • Advanced individual training – SAW, HW, Medic
  • Reconnaissance

The outcome

Once a trainee successfully completes the training they will be part of a cohesive unit.  The camaraderie experienced will last a life time. Be sure to check this calendar to get all of the information for upcoming Fox Platoon events and training pipelines.