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Free Airsoft Training Class

Fox Airsoft Retail Store
10244 Progress Lane
Parker, CO 80134

Every Wednesdays excluding holidays

5:30pm - 6:30pm


If you are local to Fox Airsoft here in Parker, Colorado and are new to the sport of airsoft, we offer a FREE TRAINING CLASS at our store to teach players about their equipment and the game. People who go through our training class typically gain a better understanding of their airsoft guns and equipment and will have a better overall experience as a result. Even if you do not own an airsoft gun yet but are potentially thinking of joining this sport, you can do your homework before you buy by coming to this class.


Topics include:

  • Terminology and how an airsoft gun works
  • Care and maintenance of your airsoft gun
  • Adjustments and performance tuning to get the most out of your gun
  • Safety equipment
  • Rules and general field etiquette for the sport of airsoft

Classes are held every Wednesdays at our store in Parker. The class runs from 5:30pm-6:30pm. Bring your airsoft gun and an open mind!

training-class-fox-airsoft-1.jpgThough we certainly understand that most new customers are just excited to get out there and play for the first time, we try to educate everyone before purchase as much as we can but sometimes that just isn't possible. Our free training class is designed to supplement new players by answering in depth all their questions they might have come up with after their purchase and getting them acclimated to the sport. Players seeking more knowledge on the topic of airsoft or even prospective new players who have not bought anything yet are welcome here.

Much of the subjects being covered are topics that we barely chip the surface on when customers come into our store and begin asking questions. General information such as batteries and chargers, hopup adjustments, and common gun terminologies are broken down and gone into depth here by our staff, many of whom have played for over 10 years. This information can be used out in the field to edge out other players who don't have the same level of understanding that you will have gained!

Another topic included is the care and maintenance of your gun as well as general info on the lifespan of your equipment and its parts. This information is important so you know what to expect out of your gear and when it is time to replace or if it is more prudent to repair. In some cases in all honesty it is better to entirely replace an worn out piece of equipment (like the entire gun) rather than repair incrementally only to have another worn out component fail. This can be the difference between a wasted day at an airsoft field to having a good one.

Safety equipment is also discussed at lengths here and how an item is defined as being safe for airsoft use versus not suitable. And lastly some general rules and etiquette in regards to playing airsoft at a field are discussed.