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Gun Upgrades

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What is the Fox Custom Shop?

When Jarrod and Matt started playing airsoft back in 1998, there was no place to maintain or upgrade your airsoft guns.  You had to attempt it on your own with imported parts and no idea of what was compatible.  In 2013 we launched the Fox Custom shop, along with our own brand of high quality Fox Custom parts to meet the need.   Jarrod, our Fox Custom Shop Manager, began actively working on guns in 2001, and our shop has performed thousands of repairs and upgrades over the years. 

Our Mission at the Fox Custom Shop is to provide solutions to problems encountered in the field.  Whatever your needs are, we are here to provide the knowledge, service, advice, and parts you need to keep your gun in top notch condition.  A common misconception is that all parts are compatible across brands - this is simply not true, and the more guns that continue to come on the market, the further away we are from the original tolerances and standards that were developed by Tokyo Marui (the original developer of the automatic electric gun).

The Fox Custom Shop is our solution for you.  We are here to help keep your gun running, and are fully committed to supporting the brands of guns we sell in our store.  We perform preventative maintenance, internal upgrades, external upgrades, HPA conversions, MOSFET installations.  Anything that you need for your specific requirements, we're here to support you.



What can the Fox Custom Shop do?


If your Airsoft gun needs to be repaired, the technicians in the Fox Custom department are here to get you back up and running. We can service most common types of AEGs and gas, and HPA (High Pressure Air). With so many types and brands of Airsoft guns, there are some that do not have parts available. Feel free to call us and we can discuss your specific gun's needs.  


Whether you're looking to increase the FPS of your gun, need greater accuracy, or want help with that dream build, Fox Custom is your solution. We offer packages that combine some of the most effective internal upgrade parts into affordable solutions:

Accuracy Package

Our Accuracy Package is by far the biggest performance increase for the money. We start with our Fox Custom 6.02mm Stainless Steel barrel.Most stock barrels have an inner diameter of  6.05mm - 6.08mm. The other important part related to accuracy is the hop up bucking. The bucking sits between the hop up unit and the barrel and is what comes in contact with the BB when the hop up is engaged. It also seals with the front of the air nozzle, so it's quality and condition are important to maintain FPS and consistency when a BB is fired. These two parts work together to increase the accuracy of the gun.    

Durability package

Most AEGs come stock with internal parts that can handle normal conditions. As more demands are placed on the gun, stronger, more durable parts are often needed to keep you in the game. Our durability package focuses on the parts in your Gearbox that work the hardest. The piston is the main work horse in your gun. Every shot you take, the piston is pulled back by your gears and released to rapidly accelerate forward creating the air pressure that makes the plastic fly! We install a reinforced piston that holds up much better than most stock pistons.   

DMR Package

High Speed Package

MOSFET Package

HPA Conversion