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If you are looking for a lower cost and safer alternative for your training needs, airsoft has probably come up more than once. Airsoft is often a top pick, especially when looking at the cost and increased liability of Simmunitions and similar technology. That's where we come in. We have knowledge on the current training systems out there, all of which have their pros and cons and can relate to what you are looking for and your needs. We're not here to talk you out of Simmunitions, but rather provide you information from our expertise in the world of airsoft and clear up some misconceptions people may have in their use as a training aid. There are a lot of products out there in the world of airsoft aimed at consumers and very few that would meet the requirements of what we would consider viable for training. We have solutions for you based on our experience when it comes to products that can meet more rigorous needs.

There are many styles of airsoft guns out here with different types of functions and varying degrees of realism. Some of these are more ideal for playing airsoft as a sport and hobby and may not necessarily have good application in training if you need 1:1 function. Let's define the parameters of training that is often looked for then go into the types of guns that exist.


Here, I will define what I would look for in the context of training as opposed to a kid playing airsoft. From that you can pick what is the type of gun you need. As for what models, get in touch with us once you get to this point so we can get you something that resembles your duty weapon that is also going to work well.


  • Feel
  • Accessory Compatibility


  • Recoil
  • Manual of Arms/Controls


  • Durability
  • Serviceability
  • Ease of Use
  • Per Unit Cost
  • Operating Cost

For pistols we will be talking about gas blowback pistols, partial blowback, and non-blowback. You might see our other videos with information regarding these guns as well, though those will be more player focused so here my aim is to condense the information down to just what is pertinent for training purposes.

Rifles are a bit trickier because the ones that work well will almost always be geared for playing airsoft rather than going for pure realistic function.  The gas rifles on the market give a good feel but support is not very good so there's some trade offs if you go that route. But fear not, there are some new options in this category that are looking to change all that.

Watch this video where I will break down the available types of guns to help you decide what best meets your needs.


If you are wanting to place an order with us or discuss in detail what products will best meet your needs, please call us at (888) 316-7816 and inquire about LEO sales! If you'd prefer we reach out to you, fill out the form below.