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In this section is where you will find mounts for your accessories be it a scope or a light or laser.

The scope mounts or scope rings offered here are all picatinny or weaver rail compatible. Most will be attached via thumb screws and the scope rings themselves will hold a scope via small allen screws. Upgraded mounts will potentially have QD (quick detach) levers which allow you to mount and dismount your optics without the use of tools. Getting scope rings means you will have to experiment with spacing whereas an entire mount will occupy a specific footprint. Though this is a nice feature to have, it is not required and you could save a few dollars if this is unimportant to you. Typical scope rings come in 1" diameter or 30mm diameter, with some makers being clever enough to include inserts for not much more that will allow you to use either type of scope with one set of rings. Scope rings should be tightened sufficiently so they do not come loose while you are running around and playing. But we must warn you to not overtighten anything as well. Overtightening any of the hardware could strip the threads and void any warranty. Generally hand tight is plenty sufficient.

For lights and lasers the rings will have typically a universal clamping solution or inserts to make them work. Generally most will come with the mounting hardware or an integrated mounting solution to keep them streamlined, though these may end up being a bit more in terms of cost.

In this section you will also find risers. Risers are rail mounted rail segments that add height to an attached accessory. You will typically use it to raise the height of your optics so it is more inline with where you need it to be and have the proper eye relief.

Other items you will find here are gun specific mounts for guns that typically are not RIS compatible out of the factory. You will find these in old style guns such as the AK or MP5 series. The applications for these guns is very specific so if you are unsure of a certain combination please do not hesitate to reach out to us. You can call us at (888)316-7816 or e-mail us at with your specific inquiries.

Since all of these mounts are picatinny rail compatible, if you are not sure what that means we'll break it down for you. Picatinny or MIL-STD-1913 rails are a universal accessory mounting platform found on modern firearms. These were originally intended for mounting scopes to the receiver of rifles but have since grown into other accessories as well. Having a universal standard for mounting accessories has made it much easier to fit these items without expensive or time consuming modifications to a given host firearm. You may find that many airsoft sniper rifles and some tactical styled AEGs will be lacking sights but having just picatinny rails throughout. The makers do this knowing that you the user will be adding your own sights anyway.

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