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B&T Rotex Barrel Extension 3C

  • B&T Rotex Barrel Extension 3C




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Fox Airsoft offers a 30 day warranty and return policy.


About the B&T Rotex Barrel Extension 3C

 The B&T Rotex Barrel Extension 3C is a barrel extension from ASG with a quick detach function. The 3C is a more compact version of the Rotex Barrel Extension 3

Brügger & Thomet aka B&T AG is a Swiss manufacturer and defense supplier who specializes in firearm accessories like sound suppressors. They are a wildly popular brand in Europe and supply many police and military units with their accessories and firearms. The Rotex series silencers are meant to be a universal solution for different agencies running different guns. The Rotex uses a pseudo quick detach mount that secures onto an A2 style flash hider and then locks to the body. The use of the A2 was a good compromise where in Europe (or even America), the muzzle devices on every gun platform varies by quite a bit. The airsoft replica of this silencer replicates the looks and feel of the real thing wonderfully. The flash hider included is a steel A2-style bird cage flash hider for -14mm threading. The body is aluminum with steel reinforcements for the ratcheting components which give nice positive clicks when the unit is being installed.  This is the replica of the 3C model - C means compact, making it the shortest member of the Rotex family.

The bore of this barrel extension is large enough to pass an inner barrel through if you want to conceal an extended inner barrel. This is a common trick players do to make their short guns have the suppressed look but what they really do is run the inner barrel length to the end making it perform like a longer (outdoor) gun. If correctly setup, running the longer inner barrel could net you a small increase in FPS too.

Note: airsoft barrel extensions aka mock suppressors aka mock silencers do not hold any noise suppression capabilities. All airsoft barrel extensions sold in the US must comply with federal law and cannot be modified to be functional as suppressors. All airsoft mock suppressors should have solid internals with no ability to change or modify the inside. These airsoft barrel extensions will not work on real firearms.

Note: Removing your orange tip voids your manufacturer warranty (if applicable). Also if you mount this mock suppressor to your airsoft gun we will not accept any returns on it for it is now in used conditions. Though the orange tip on an airsoft gun is required by law for importation and sales purposes, once the gun is in your possession you are at the discretion of local laws for whether or not the orange tip is still required. Nonetheless, treat these airsoft guns with the same regard you would for a real gun and practice safety and common sense.

What's Included In The Box: 

  • 1 x B&T Rotex Barrel Extension 3C
  • 1 x metal bird cage flash hider

Quick Overview:

  • Full Metal Construction (aluminum and steel)
  • Quick Detach Design
  • Compatible with Birdcage Flashhiders
  • Adjustable Ratcheting Mount
  • Hides Additional Inner Barrel
  • 6.25" length x 1,25" diameter (mounting unit obscures the flash hider past the gun.)


FOX AIRSOFT OFFERS A 30 DAY WARRANTY AND REFUND POLICY WHICH YOU CAN READ MORE ABOUT HERE. For mock suppressors, once it has been mounted it is considered used and we will not take a return on this item.

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