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Echo1 AK 600-round High Cap Magazine

  • Echo1 AK High Cap Magazine




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Quick Look:

600-round Capacity
Durable steel body

What's Included:

Echo1 600-rd AK high cap magazine

About the Echo1 AK High Cap Magazine

This is a spare 600-round high capacity magazine for your AK AEG. The body is made of metal and is compatible with most brands of AK-style AEGs. The AK-style high cap magazines holds more BBs than most other hicaps out there. You could easily outgun someone with an M4 whose high capacity magazine literally holds only half the ammo. These magazines are tested to be compatible with Echo1 USA, CYMA, and a few other brands. If you have compatibility questions reach out and contact us at (888) 316-7816 or e-mail us at Do not hesitate to spray and pray when you have this much ammo (just kidding!). Even one of these babies is sufficient for a long round of airsoft so imagine having a spare!

The steel body on these magazines properly simulates the feel of the real counterparts faithfully in our humble opinion.

Echo1 makes all types of high quality beginner guns as well as pro line guns. Most notable in their full metal gun series are the Red Star AKs. Some will have wood stocks or synthetic stocks with other modified tactical features. But these are certainly one of the most realistic feeling and looking airsoft AKs out there. Why do people go with an AK over other platforms? It's different from other guns, has a unique old school appeal to it, and many people who get these are tired of seeing M4s. Their accessory game is just as strong with these metal AK high caps. We also have metal mid caps available if that is more your preference.

High caps vs. mid caps
Players who want outright capacity should go straight to high caps. You do not need to carry as many to have plenty of ammo and the cost for all these magazines will not be as much as carrying a full complement of mid caps. The downside to high caps if you didn't already know is that they are noisy especially while moving. Fully loaded high caps won't make much if any noise but once you start using it, the magazine will have a lot of space for BBs to bounce around. We often joke and say they sound like a baby rattle. If your play style keeps you stationary a lot then it probably is not a big deal. The required winding of the magazine may also be considered a turnoff to high capacity magazines.

Now for milsim minded players who want something more grab and go, the mid cap is the better solution. They do not make noise and provide a bit more excitement due to more frequent reloads. Mid caps are straight forward in their function and all you do is insert the magazine and go. No winding is required. Some events might restrict you to the use of mid cap magazines (many major milsim ops) for the sake of keeping you immersed and conservative with your ammo.

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