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Echo1 M14 400-round High Cap Magazine

  • Echo1 M14 high cap




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Quick Look:

  • 1pc M14 Magazine
  • 400-round capacity
  • Metal construction
  • Compatible with Echo1, CYMA, and Lancer Tactical M14s

About The Echo1 M14 400-round high cap magazine

This is a metal 400-round high cap magazine for the M14 by Echo1. This may work in other brand metal gearbox M14 AEGs as well.

About the Echo1 M14 series airsoft electric guns

The Echo1 M14 is an AEG with a classic look to it. The receiver and barrel are metal and give a nice satisfying sound when you rack the charging handle. The stock is a faux wood finish on a plastic body. This has a very long barrel out of the box and that grants users more accuracy. The gearbox is the unique version 7 gearbox which is the common type for the M14 style guns. It can take the same upgrades as other AEGs however the spur gear is proprietary and much smaller than the norm. The old fashioned looking faux wood stock is also a nice touch, and with the old school design lacking a pistol grip, it feels as though you can still manage the weight and balance of this rifle very easily. For added value, this is one of the many guns that Echo1 USA offers with a battery and charger. If you are tired of M4s and AKs or desire something not often seen check out there on the airsoft battlefield, check out this gun.

Echo1 USA patterns the M14 after the trusty real life M14 battle rifle that served for a brief period as the American standard issued rifle. After that, it was replaced by the M16 family of weapons during the Vietnam War and the rest is history. Its reliable nature and powerful 7.62x51mm round had kept it in specialized use through the decades and even appeared in modern conflicts. The M14 is very much derived from the M1 Garand but with the new concept of the M14 it was designed to replace not only the M1 Garand but other service rifles and submachineguns too. In fact that was one criticism that the design drew, it was that it was asked to do a lot of things. Besides the M1 Garand, the military expected the M14 to replace the M1903 Springfield, M1917 Enfield, M1 carbine, M3 Grease Gun, M1928/M1 Thompson, and M1918 Browning automatic rifle (BAR). In the end, a number of logistical factors and politics led to the M16 to be come the successor service rifle to the US military.

Notable special versions of the M14 exist such as the M21 and M25 sniper variants and the M14 EBR which is an M14 with a modern railed chassis for mounting accessories. After the M14 was replaced by the M16, the remaining M14s in service were converted to the sniper versions where it served on into the late 1980s, eventually to be replaced by the M24 Sniper Weapon System. When the M16 arrived on the scene, many die hards lamented that the new rifle was toy like with its plastic furniture and futuristic look.

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