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Elite Force 1911 Barrel Kit

  • Elite Force 1911 Barrel Kit




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About the Elite Force 1911 Barrel Kit

The Elite Force 1911 Barrel Kit includes a completely assembled Elite Force 1911 barrel assembly including inner and outer barrel, as well as hopup. For the recoil springs and other slide parts you must get them in this kit . You could also use this kit to upgrade a threaded outer barrel,

 A barrel does not typically wear out but it could be potentially damaged if neglected. For longevity of your Elite Force 1911 you should always lubricate the bucking to preserve accuracy and velocity. Another component to look at within the hopup is to make sure all the screws are tight. Under normal use and recoil, you could find these screws working themselves loose. It is very very rare but in exceptional cases we've seen these screws come loose and lock up the entire gun requiring a complete disassembly to get it functional again. Don't let this be you!

One component that could potentially wear out over time is the hopup bucking. Just like in AEGs, your velocity and accuracy depend on the condition of this component and you should lubricate it with 100% silicon oil just to keep it in good order. But when the bucking eventually dries out and fails its time to change it. On the Elite Force 1911 hopup chambers its a bit tricky to get to and requires some skill and tech knowledge to install correctly. If you get this kit you can just drop it in without all the work. Often times it will save you on labor costs just to go this route as long as you know how to field strip your gun.

To field strip your Elite Force or any other 1911 for that matter, with the magazine out of the gun, pull the slide back and line up the back of the slide stop to the first notch you see on the left side of the slide. This notch should reveal a part of the slide stop. On the right side of the frame start pushing the slide stop lever out After the slide stop is out, push the slide forward and it should separate the slide from the frame. The slide assembly will hold the barrel, barrel bushing, recoil spring, spring plug, spring guide, and a large spring on the barrel. Take out the recoil spring components (spring guide, recoil spring, and barrel. The bushing can stay in when you do this if you want to leave it but it can help you get the barrel out easier. Swap assemblies and reverse the order. You may want to take this opportunity to tighten any screws like we mentioned earlier.

What's Included In The Box: 

  • 1 x Elite Force 1911 Barrel Kit

Quick Overview:

  • Fully Assembled
  • Full Metal Barrel
  • Includes Inner Barrel, Outer Barrel, and Hopup
  • Also compatible with Cybergun brand 1911s (OEM by KWC)



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