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Elite Force 1911 Rebuild Kit

  • Elite Force 1911 Rebuild Kit
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Fox Airsoft offers a 30 day warranty and return policy.


What's Included In The Package: 

  • 1 x Elite Force 1911 Rebuild Kit - for all slide assembly related needs

Quick Overview:

  • Components: recoil spring, secondary recoil spring, rocket valve, nozzle, nozzle spring, nozzle spring detent, piston cup seal, screw, washer.

About the Elite Force 1911 Rebuild Kit

The Elite Force 1911 Rebuild Kit is everything you need to replace the internal parts of the slide in your Elite Force 1911. This kit is also compatible with Cybergun Colt 1911s. If your magazines are holding their seal then they should be functioning properly. After that, any observable malfunctions could be assumed to be caused by worn out slide components. Inside the slide the most commonly worn out part from lots of use or just with age are the piston cup seal and the nozzle. The piston cup seal seas a lot of gas pressures and will harden and crack over time. Routine maintenance with silicone oil will keep this seal conditioned and prolong its service life. The nozzle is also a part that sees a lot of pressure and if it is cracked your gun will fail to shoot properly.

About the Elite Force 1911 Pistols

The Elite Force 1911 series is arguably one of the most popular airsoft pistols seen in North America. If you have played out on an airsoft field you will very likely have seen this pistol in the hands of more than a few players and with good reason. The Elite Force 1911s replicate the feel and function of the 1911 style perfectly. As an airsoft pistol you can expect a nice heft to it from being all metal. The gun has satisfying recoil due to the CO2 power and the metal slide and frame. Also since this uses CO2, this makes it a pistol you could use year around if you are in an area where the climate can get pretty cold at times. The grip and ergonomics are also spot on being that it is a single stack pistol, so the grip is not particularly bulky like some pistols and therefor fits most hands better than anything else. This does come with the drawback of holding less ammo overall than more modern pistols but there are other aspects that make 1911s shine. Due to the single action trigger system of this gun, the trigger pull is comparatively very clean and light, and people often say one of the best out there. The ease of shooting translates to better control and shootability. With this and any other popular gun in airsoft, the nice thing is that the more popular platforms will have a nice supply of parts to rebuild or upgrade from.

If you need help or consultation on repairs you could give us a ring at (888)316-7816 or shoot us an e-mail at . Although we only offer tech work to our local walk-in customers, we would still be happy to point you in the right direction. The senior staff and owners of the company have been playing for well over 15 years and certified and authorized by several major manufacturers to do OEM quality repair and warranty work.

Note: Fox does not warranty or accept returns for parts that have been installed/attempted to be installed.



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