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NC Star AR15 ¾" Riser - Short

  • NC Star AR15 ¾" Riser - Short
  • NC Star AR15 ¾" Riser - Short
  • NC Star AR15 ¾" Riser - Short
  • NC Star AR15 ¾" Riser - Short




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About the NC Star AR15 ¾" Riser - Short

The Short NC Star AR15 ¾" Riser is a shorter version of the standard NC Star AR15 riser, and is perfect for mounting smaller optics and attachments to your rails. 

People will often run risers to raise the optic to the proper eye level. You can also do it to raise your optic height for when your mask or safety gear is interfering with getting a good low cheek weld to see your optic. This setup will come with all the tools and hardware you need to mount to a milspec rail. Optics with small footprints such as micro/mini red dots, compact dot sights, or magnifiers will be the best use for this mount. You could run a pair of these risers in conjunction with the low scope rings that often come with scopes to raise the optic to proper height.

This riser is made of aluminum so it is robust yet still lightweight. You would not trust mounting optics to a polymer rail section but aluminum would be plenty strong. The hardware is also metal and the center of the riser is hollowed to further reduce weight. There are two hex bolts for attachment. Both bolts are for tensioning the clamp onto the rail however one is offset lower to provide alignment to the T rails. To move this riser forward or backward, this means complete disassembly is not required and simply remove the lower bolt and slide the riser around as you please.

Q: High mounts vs. low, what do I need?
A: Low mounts are for the scope to sit closer to the bore of the gun. Hunting style or full stock style guns where the stock is offset from the receiver will be best for this. You would use high scope rings on guns such as M4s where the stock is almost inline with the receiver. You could also use a high scope rings to compensate for your headgear such as a bulky mask.

Q: Is it bad to have a scope mounted high off a gun?
A: You will experience a big disparity in something called height over bore. The more offset the scope is in relation to the bore, the more difficult it may be for you to zero your scope. But once it is zeroed, you will have to keep in mind if you zero parallel to the bore then you will always hit at the height that the scope sits between the barrel. If you zero for the exact point of impact, the trajectory will only intersect at that particular point and you will be either high or low if shooting at any other distance. It is best and overall more simple to keep a scope that is closer to the barrel of your gun for this reason.

What's Included In The Box: 

  • 1 x NC Star AR15 ¾" Riser - Short
  • Mounting Screws

Quick Overview:

  • Full Metal Construction
  • Easy To Use Thumb Screws
  • 3/4" Height
  • Aluminum Design to Reduce Weight

Technical Specifications:

  • Model Number: MARFSV2
  • Construction: Full Metal
  • Compatibility: Picatinny Rail Systems

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Alternate Lookup: MARFSV2

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