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14mm CCW Adapter for M40A3

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This is a thread adapter for the PROLINE M40A3 by Action Sports Games (OEM VFC). This is NOT for the Sportline edition of the M40A3 by ASG.

What this does is convert your rifle to be able to accept standard -14mm attachments such as flash hiders and mock suppressors on your M40A3 Proline sniper rifle. These are cosmetic enhancements that do not affect or improve the performance of your gun. Some of those who bought the proline M40A3 do so wanting an authentic looking sniper rifle and want to upgrade their gun cosmetically to be closer to the A5 version of the real gun which features a threaded barrel and rail system like what they see being more recently issued to the military. Well ASG has got you in terms of those supporting accessories.

One thing people like to do is upgrade to an extended inner barrel to increase the velocity or range of their rifle and they often conceal it with a mock suppressor. On a gun that is already long there are a few considerations that you should take before going this route. One is the gun will be even longer and very clumsy to handle. But secondly from a performance aspect, there is a diminishing return when you get a barrel that is too long. The internal volume of air within the cylinder is matched to the barrel length from the factory to most guns so you may actually experience a loss when you go too long and there is not enough air to work its way through that long barrel.

Q: I am unsure which version of M40A3 I have, how do i check?
A: If your M40A3 cost under $100, you more than likely have the entry model Sporline M40A3.

Q: I broke my orange tip on the proline M40A3 that I have. Do you sell replacements?
A: ASG currently does not offer a replacement cap for this model. This thread adapter be the only thing that can replace the tip at the end of the barrel.

Note: Removal of your orange tip is required to install this item to your rifle. This will void your warranty. The orange tip on this rifle is a cap so if you remove the orange tip you will expose the internal threads of the barrel but there is no other piece available to cover the hole up so you must get this thread protector at that point. For removal of this piece we recommend you seek a professional airsoft tech in your area.

Note: For importation and sales purposes, all airsoft guns come with an orange tip painted or affixed at the end of the barrel as required by law. Once the airsoft gun is in your ownership and possession, local laws will dictate whether or not the orange tip is required. Please do your research before tampering with your orange tip. Please still treat your airsoft guns with the same consideration as a real firearm when it comes to safety and transport.


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