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Sniper Rifles

Sniper rifles just like any other airsoft gun could potentially be upgraded to shoot harder and more accurately. How you go about doing this will depend on several things: your technical abilities and the brand/type of airsoft gun you are trying to upgrade. Sniper rifles are a smaller demographic of airsoft guns and most designs are unique and proprietary. Because many sniper rifles are proprietary, the parts available will be harder to source or unique only to that model. Often times there may be as few as one manufacturer or two for upgrade parts for your particular rifle. Another factor to consider is the rifle itself. If the rifle is made very cheaply, throwing upgrades into it will shorten the lifespan of your rifle. If you start off with a more expensive rifle that may have better materials for the components, you would get more life of it. 

The biggest factor when deciding to upgrade a sniper rifle or even buy one to begin with is what are your plans with it? If you plan to just shoot a few rounds here and there in the backyard and do it for very cheap, a stock airsoft sniper rifle might be plenty for you. If you're trying to squeeze more range and power and planning to skirmish with your rifle, look for a higher quality one to start with. Sniper rifle internal parts take a serious beating and you'll need something robust if you are playing on a field where you can easily shoot thousands of rounds.

If your goal is modest and simply to gain some accuracy, a tight bore barrel and bucking upgrade will probably be what you need. Sometimes you will also get a little more velocity out of this simple set of upgrades as a byproduct. If your goal is more FPS you'll be looking to spend more not just on the power adders but the durability parts as well. Spring sniper rifles will inevitably wear out so putting more stress on the internal components will make it happen sooner. Your main power adding component will be the heavier spring. The parts that will take the most punishment will be the piston and trigger sear.  Most high quality manufacturers of airsoft snipers will offer a good solution for parts by making them compatible with other brands and systems. One notable style is the VSR-10 platform. This is a popular form factor that has been often replicated and imitated for sniper rifles and there are many parts developed from it. Whatever your thoughts are on the whole idea, you will often hear "VSR-10 compatible" being a commonly used phrase.

If all of this sounds intimidating to you, upgrading sniper rifles is probably not for you. For those who are wanting to put the work and effort they can be rewarding. Due to the nature of sniper rifles we can offer you some of the more basic parts to get you started on your journey. Most of these parts should list explicitly what model/brand guns they will work in. If they do not or you are still unclear, we urge you to contact us before attempting to order anything at .

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