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JG M4 Sling Plate

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Quick Look: 

  • This sling plate mounts on the receiver of M4 style AEGs only
  • Ideal for single point slings that are looped on

About the JG M4 Sling Plate

This end plate mounts behind the receiver of an M4 giving you a loop for your sling to attach to. It replaces the stock end plate which sits between the receiver and castle nut/buffer tube. Disassembly of your M4 will be required to install this. A sling is an indispensable piece of gear used to help you carry your rifle. Slings can be used not only as a strap to carry your rifle but as a way to help you aim too. In games that have objectives such as those found in milsim skirmishes, you may be asked to do something with your hands while trying to win the game. This is where it comes in handy to be able to sling your weapon. This is possible on a 2-point or other multi-point slings. There are many types of slings and sling plate options out there so pick the best one to suit you. If you do not have a sling yet it's best to pick the sling and end plate up at the same time so you have the right combination.

If you desire an option of removing your sling off your person a bit faster, look into QD (quick detach) sockets or mash hook style slings which allow for rapid detachment.

Installation Notes: On a typical airsoft M4, you have a collapsible stock mounted on the part known as the buffer tube. The terminology comes from the real firearm counterpart where this metal tube would normally house the buffer and recoil spring. In airsoft we just use the term to generically describe this component even though it has no function built into it like the real one. The buffer tube will have a washer and bolt in there that can only be reached by a very long phillips (sometimes this is an allen). Unscrew in the normal left hand until you can get the tube off. Many guns will be wired to the rear so take extra care not to damage or crush the wires at any point. After removing the buffer tube and clearing the wires, you can see the back plate that is installed. Go ahead and remove it. This plate can be placed in either direction. Usually you would have the loop side facing your weak side. Once swapped, mount the buffer tube back on, hold the wires (if any) so you can correctly install the washer and bolt in as straight as possible. Use your long phillips to screw it in. If it is not centered correctly that would cause problems such as stripping the threads on the bolt. If you are uncertain about any of this, get some competent help. If you are local to us in Colorado we are happy to help you if you come by and visit our store.

Alternate Lookup: 

  • JGM-55

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