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Madbull Gemtech G5 QD Barrel Extension

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Quick Look: 

  • Quick-detach design, attach and remove in seconds
  • Licensed by GEMTECH
  • Adds approx. 5.5" of length to the end of your gun

What's Included:

  • Madbull Gemtech G5 Barrel Extension
  • -14mm Gemtech G5 flash hider

About the Madbull Gemtech G5 Barrel Extension

Are you looking for a mock suppressor that is quick detachable? This mock suppressor by Madbull is a licensed replica of the Gemtech G5 suppressor. The G5 is a quick detachable rifle suppressor that adds only 5.5" of length to your gun when attached. It uses a proprietary 2 lug flash hider which is included. All you do is line up the lugs and push in, then rotate. Inside is a spring loaded mount that will keep it night and secure once locked in.

Airsoft suppressors can mount in different ways so it will depend on the model you pick and the host airsoft gun for compatibility. Screw on types will be in the common -14mm (CCW) thread though occasionally you will find +14mm (CW) thread guns and accessories as well. Research your gun carefully to determine the thread on the barrel before purchasing a mock airsoft suppressor. This mock suppressor is only available in -14mm currently.

This mock suppressors utilizes a QD (quick detach) method of mounting which will allow you to quickly attach or detach the airsoft suppressor on the tip of your gun rather than a thread on application. It only interfaces with the included G5 flash hider.

Do keep in mind that adding excessive weight to the end of your gun could ruin the balance or make your rifle more unpleasant to run around with in a game. Mock suppressors can be made with plastic or metal so you have quite a few options there. Mock suppressors also obviously add length to your rifle too so take that into consideration. Guns that are short have the advantage behind cover especially in CQB because you can get close behind your cover and have your rifle up to shoot faster. To aim and peak with a long gun you have to stand off from your cover quite a bit which exposes you more at certain angles.

So do you need a mock suppressor? No you do not. Do you want one? Probably! Because they look so cool! Again there is no functional benefit other than style. Which model is right for you? The one that fits! The style is entirely subjective so choose the one that appeals to you the most and can actually work on your airsoft gun. Other than that there's nothing more to it. If you are looking to extend your inner barrel into the mock suppressor you will have to measure carefully what length inner barrel to pair it with or buy a longer barrel and then have it cut and crowned. While this is great for gaining a couple FPS and having your short gun match the performance of a longer gun, you must be careful not to smash your barrel/mock suppressor into objects otherwise you could tweak your exposed inner barrel.

Note to airsofters in the United States: barrel extensions/mock suppressors/dummy suppressors do not have any real suppressing capability and cannot be legally sold as hollowed out cans. 


Alternate Lookup: 

  • MB BE G5 BLK

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