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Here you will find magazines for your M4-style AEGs (automatic electric guns). The brands of M4s we carry have tested to be cross compatible for magazines. Those brands include: Classic Army, Echo1 USA, CYMA, and Lancer Tactical. ICS brand guns tend to be picky about magazines so it is recommended you use ICS brand magazines with those guns too. If you are uncertain and need to make sure of compatibility, please send all inquiries to or call us at (888) 316-7816. Please have knowledge of your gun's make and model before calling.

High caps vs. mid caps

Players who want outright capacity should go straight to high caps. You do not need to carry as many to have plenty of ammo and the cost for all these magazines will not be as much as carrying a full complement of mid caps. The downside to high caps if you didn't already know is that they are noisy especially while moving. Fully loaded high caps won't make much if any noise but once you start using it, the magazine will have a lot of space for BBs to bounce around. We often joke and say they sound like a baby rattle. If your play style keeps you stationary a lot then it probably is not a big deal. The required winding of the magazine may also be considered a turnoff to high capacity magazines. For AKs, the high caps are known to carry an obscene amount of BBs and often 1 mag will last you for a long time. Add a second one and you'll be carrying more ammo than someone with 10 M4 mid caps.

Now for milsim minded players who want something more grab and go, the mid cap is the better solution. They do not make noise and provide a bit more excitement due to more frequent reloads. Mid caps are straight forward in their function and all you do is insert the magazine and go. No winding is required. Some events might restrict you to the use of mid cap magazines (many major milsim ops) for the sake of keeping you immersed and conservative with your ammo.

Metal body magazines vs. plastic

Some people ask us which one is better? On AKs the stamped steel ones are replicated faithfully in airsoft so they do feel more stout and are heavier than your average M4 magazine if not just based on materials alone. But performance really lies in the make and style of magazine. Cheaper midcaps load fine but feel kind of low quality because they are constructed entirely out of plastic. The plus side to those are the price being so low you could afford to lose them. They are light enough that carrying many extras is not a burden as well. But many of us players desire an aesthetic that is closer to real so we must get them the way they were intended in the real steel versions. There is no real difference other than the construction otherwise. Performance will be similar although more expensive magazines tend to use stronger internal parts like the springs to ensure positive feeding. Run whatever suits your hearts content as the differences in performance are not discernible. 

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