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Green Gas Magazines

In this section you will find magazines for the green gas pistols we carry. Green gas is a pressurized gas (also known as HFC22) used to power certain airsoft guns. It shares a similar chemical makeup to propane but has silicone oil additives in it to help maintain the seals in your magazines and airsoft guns. You will see a lot of green gas powered guns coming out of Asia since that is the popular propellant in that region compared to CO2. Green gas has the benefit of being able to be topped off in your magazine constantly, which keeps you ready for battle especially if you fired just a few rounds and want to be fully loaded up. CO2 cartridges on the other hand, once punctured, cannot be filled up again and so you will eventually run out and have to replace the entire cartridge. That means you cannot top off between rounds without wasting the CO2 you have left in your existing cartridge. On the other hand, CO2 is a higher pressured gas by comparison so the guns must be built differently to withstand that. Performance and velocities between green gas and CO2 will be very similar though non-blowback pistols in CO2 will be very powerful using the exact same 12 gram CO2. The combination of higher pressured gas and a pistol with no moving parts or recoil means all the gas is being used to propel the BB and no gas is being wasted. 

Everyone always mentions gas guns, leaks, and stoppages and so we must talk about the importance of understanding gas guns and how they operate. Gas blowback pistols are some of the most realistic replicas available. As such they have many moving parts, parts that can wear out, and parts that need to be disassembled and cleaned every now and then. In addition to that, gas guns all have seals that must be maintained in order for you to get consistent and reliable performance. Any rubber components such as the seals or the hopup bucking should be lubricated using only 100% pure silicone oil.

Q: How do I maintain the seals in my gun?
A: Primarily the seals you have to look out for are actually located in the magazine. For any reasonably new magazine you will not have to disassemble this to do any maintenance. What you want to do is put a drop of silicone oil directly onto the fill valve of the magazine. You will then fill the magazine with gas. It can be a little or a lot, it does not matter. As the gas enters the magazine it will take with it the silicone oil you just applied. Inside the magazine the gas pressure will help distribute the oil to all of the seals inside the magazine. If your seals are in poor condition this will make itself apparent when you start to hear gas leaking from the magazine. Unfortunately if you have this situation on your hands you will likely have to disassemble and diagnose each seal and replace accordingly.

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