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ASG Tri-Shot Shell Magazines

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Fox Airsoft offers a 30 day warranty and return policy.


About the ASG Tri-Shot Shotgun Shell Magazines

These shotshell style magazines from Action Sport Games are for their Franchi line of spring-powered shotguns but are also compatible with many other brands of airsoft shotguns on the market. Unlike real shotguns which have shotshells being an individual round, airsoft manufacturers have cleverly made magazines in the appearance of shotshells. While the look is for novelty, the function of these as magazines is much more practical in the airsoft realm. Whereas pm a real shotgun you would pump the action to eject the spent shotshell to load a fresh one, that system would be highly impractical for airsoft because you would be chasing around your shotshells which cost you money in order to reuse them. Without having a complicated ejection system like the real thing, a spring airsoft shotgun will simply load the next 3 rounds with each pump. With each shell holding 30 BBs and each shot launching 3 BBs, each shotshell will give you 10 shots. Having 10 shots is not a whole lot so if you are a dedicated shotgun user you will appreciate these inexpensive shells coming in packs of 4. They are not that big so you can carry a bunch of them either in a pouch or bag or in dedicated holders in your MOLLE gear.

Having a tri shot shotgun is great if you play in CQB fields. The three rounds coming out at each shot increases your hit probability especially for novices making shotguns not only fun but deadly. These types of shotguns are generally inexpensive and low maintenance compared to other types of guns so they are great for new players. If you are currently shopping for an airsoft gun, particularly your first one and you stumbled upon the spring shotguns, we do recommend these for players with good arm strength. Racking the pump on the spring shotgun is required to cock the gun as well as load the rounds. Younger players might not have the physical arm strength or the physical length to operate these guns effectively. We have tested these shells to be compatible with not only ASG branded shotguns such as their Franchi SAS-12 and SPAS-12 models, but also other brands including: Tokyo Marui, UTG, Double Eagle, and CYMA.

These shells also work in some gas shotguns out there including ones by Tokyo Marui and JAG Arms. These shotguns have selectable 3 or 6 round functions which adds to their versatility (however your total shots will be obviously halved).

These will not work in shotguns such as G&P or Maruzen, or shotguns that use a box style magazine nor will they work in airsoft shotguns that utilize actual shotshell style cartridges.

What's Included In The Box: 

  • 4 x 30rd (10 Shot) Shells

Technical Specifications:

  • For use with ASG Tri-Shot Shotguns
  • Also compatible with TM, CYMA, Double Eagle, Bravo, and UTG tri-shot shotguns
  • Also compatible with TM and JAG Arms gas shotguns


Fox Airsoft offers a 30 day warranty and refund policy which you can read more about here.

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