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NcSTAR 3/4" Riser Gen2

  • NcSTAR 3/4" Riser Gen2




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Quick Look: 

  • Aluminum construction
  • Mounts on any picatinny rail
  • Raises your accessory 3/4"
  • Tools included

About the NcSTAR 3/4" Riser Gen2

This is an aluminum mount that will attach to a picatinny rail and add 3/4" of height to it so that you can position your optic higher. This is most beneficial for optics that have integral mounts that sit too low or for artificially boosting the height of the optic to better meet your eye. Or your scope already includes rings but they sit too low for your gun. Typically airsoft scopes with rings are meant for sniper rifles and sit lower, where as on an M4 style gun for example the stock and sight placement is much different. Running this riser will allow you to use the scope and its included rings. Or you could seek out taller scope rings too. This riser is constructed entirely of aluminum so weight is very minimal while remaining rigid and durable. The purpose is to get you the proper eye relief through the optic you are using.

Q: What is eye relief?
A: The measured optimal distance between your eye and the ocular side of a scope to get the correct viewing picture is known as Eye Relief. You'll see on scope descriptions and packaging this number. That is the recommended setup for mounting the scope to your gun. Non magnified optics such as red dot scopes and holographic sights have unlimited eye relief, which means you can view them at any distance and the picture won't change. 

In airsoft, one of the challenges we face gearwise is getting a proper cheekweld on a rifle with our masks on. In real firearms use you're not wearing any face protection gear that would offset your face from the stock of your rifle by any significant bit. When we introduce things like paintball masks or mesh masks, using your sights has become somewhat of a challenge. Rail risers like these exist to help us overcome this challenge.

Another cool use for this piece of rail riser we have seen from some clever airsofters. What they would do is use it as a front end stabilizer. On an M4 with a railed receiver and railed handguard what they did was mount this riser as a bridging piece. What it does is keeps the handguard from being able to wobble or rotate giving you the ultimate solid feeling in an M4. Classic style or cheaper M4 type guns are prone to barrel wobble and loose front ends and this is one way to solve that. To give you an example of this use, some models of guns like the ASG Armalite SIR M15 have designed a similar function with a continuous optic rail that keeps the gun completely rigid. As a byproduct of that top rail, everything sits a little higher on the M15s which make them perfect in the context of airsoft. Modern style M4s with free floating handguard systems do not have this problem.

Alternate Lookup

  • MARFV2

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