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NcSTAR Keymod Hand Stop Grip

  • NcSTAR Keymod Hand Stop Grip




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Quick Look: 

  • Mounts directly to Keymod rail systems
  • Streamlined size gives you exactly what you need for better control
  • Polymer construction
  • Use as a reference point on your forend like a hand stop, as an angled grip, or a barricade stop

What's Included:

  • Keymod Hand Stop Grip
  • Tool

About the NcSTAR Keymod Hand Stop Grip

The NcSTAR Keymod Hand Stop Grip is a streamlined solution for adding a grip to your keymod rail equipped airsoft gun. Hand stops are beneficial to giving you more control of your weapon while not being as clumsy as a full sized vertical grip. Keymod accessories are lower profile and often lighter than standard RIS mounted accessories.

You can use this grip in several ways. First is as mentioned already, as a hand stop. This means when you quickly grab and shoulder your rifle, your hand has a place to naturally index so that you can get a nice consistent grip each time. This grip also functions as an angled foregrip which is more comfortable and gives positive control over your weapon unlike grabbing the traditional broomhandle style vertical grip. Lastly, you can use this grip as a stop for bracing against cover to set up for that perfect shot.

Q: What is Keymod?
A: If on your airsoft gun your forend has little key shaped holes, you may have a gun that is compatible with Keymod accessories. Keymod accessories offer a low profile mounting solution for accessories to the forearm of your gun. It is designed to replace picatinny rails which are bulkier and weigh more. If the terms are completely new to you let us go back a few steps to clarify what some of them mean. The MIL-STD-1913 rail or Picatinny rail as it is more commonly known is a mounting platform for accessories that allows your rifle to be modular. These look like little ladders and are found on the forend of all tactical style guns these days. The picatinny rail has been long established and is the most common mounting platform for accessories. In the recent years, some manufacturers have come up with their own idea to streamline the modular accessory market. One idea was Keymod, which replaces the picatinny rails with key shaped holes machined into the forend. The idea is the gun now is very sleek and has a slimmer profile, and you would add accessories just where you need them and not end up with an excess of unused rail space which nets a heavier overall weight on your forend. The design and specifications for Keymod are open source so any other manufacturer can make guns and accessories Keymod ready. 

How keymod works is you have an attachment that will have two round lugs with bolts attached to them. The lugs are the same diameter as the large part of the keyhole. You will mate the accessory to the mounting surface then slide the accessory forward so the lugs are now supported by the narrow part of the keyhole. You will then tighten the two bolts until the lugs grab onto the rail system. On the inside of the keyhole is some additional machining done of the rail so that the lugs are guided and have a place to secure to. This ensures the best and most secure fit so that your accessories do not come off when put under recoil.

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