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NcSTAR Mark 3 Tactical Optic

  • NcSTAR Mark 3 Tactical Optic




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Quick Look: 

  • 4 reticles: dot, chevron, horseshoe, urban cross
  • 3 brightness levels
  • 3 reticle colors: red, green, blue
  • Quick release throw lever mount
  • Black anodized aluminum body
  • zero magnification (1x)
  • Requires 1x CR2032 battery to operate (included)

What's Included: 

  • Bikini style Lens covers
  • 1 x CR2032 battery
  • Mounting Tools

About the NcSTAR Mark 3 Tactical Optic

The Mark 3 by NcSTAR is a great mid tier optic that offers a ton of features for the money. When we say mid tier, we want to make clear that all these optics regardless of price will perform well and do the same thing. The distinction will be the feature list. The more affordable red dots will be simple red dot sights with very few if any adjustment settings or customization options. Back to the Mark 3, this optic is the start of the range of red dot sights that start to give you cool customizable features.

This red dot sight possesses three levels of brightness for the reticle. On top of that you have three choices of color for said reticle: red, green, or blue. With the different color options you will be able to choose which one best suits your current environment of play. Sometimes when it is very bright outside you might experience the reticle being washed out by the ambient light. That is when having a highly contrasting reticle color will come in handy. After that you have one more cool feature that is not found on many sights: multiple reticles. You can select from a simple dot to a chevron for ranged targets or the horseshoe reticle for CQB or urban cross for shooting at mixed ranges.

Integrated to the black anodized aluminum body is a quick detach throw lever. This allows for quick and easy mounting or swapping to other guns if feel inclined.

If you are new to scopes and optics in general, you are probably then wondering what the purpose of a red dot (non magnified optic) is. Most scopes you will have heard about are magnified in some way and designed to give you a better visual on your target at range. A red dot sight on the other hand offers no magnification but instead offers a red dot (or in this case whatever color and reticle you choose) and replaces your traditional iron sights for aiming. When your sight is zeroed perfectly, you can aim your airsoft gun with both eyes open and by casting your reticle onto your target. This is much faster than lining up your traditional front and rear sights and thus is very quick and deadly for close to medium range distances. The edge this provides has been proven in the real world in the tactical scene as well as competition shooting and translates down to airsoft very well. It should be noted that the sight does not cast a beam out to your target so they will not see you aiming at them. The dot is instead cast within the body of the sight and is completely internalized.

Alternate Lookup: 

  • DRMK132A

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