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NcSTAR Scope Rings

  • NcSTAR Scope Rings




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About the NcSTAR Scope Rings

The NcSTAR scope rings are a pair of low profile scope rings designed for use with standard airsoft scopes and picatinny rails. The diameter of these rings is 30mm but this setup comes with spacers to adapt the rings for 1" scopes as well. 

These are low mount scope rings designed for hunting style guns or rifles where the sights naturally sit very low on the receiver. Having the proper height will ensure the proper eye relief so you can get a proper view through your scope.

Q: What is eye relief?
A: In simple terms, eye relief is the calculated distance a scope should be held in relation to your eyes for you to get a proper view. If your eye is to far back the picture will be obscured or not visible at all. Although eye relief is indicated as a fixed number when you are looking at specs on possible scopes, you can manipulate the position of your scope to more closely meet your eye and get you that proper eye relief. Eye relief is usually indicated in inches.

Q: High mounts vs. low, what do I need?
A: Low mounts are for the scope to sit closer to the bore of the gun. Hunting style or full stock style guns where the stock is offset from the receiver will be best for this. You would use high scope rings on guns such as M4s where the stock is almost inline with the receiver. You could also use a high scope rings to compensate for your headgear such as a bulky mask.

Q: Is it bad to have a scope mounted high off a gun?
A: You will experience a big disparity in something called height over bore. The more offset the scope is in relation to the bore, the more difficult it may be for you to zero your scope. But once it is zeroed, you will have to keep in mind if you zero parallel to the bore then you will always hit at the height that the scope sits between the barrel. If you zero for the exact point of impact, the trajectory will only intersect at that particular point and you will be either high or low if shooting at any other distance. It is best and overall more simple to keep a scope that is closer to the barrel of your gun for this reason.

Q: In regards to scopes, what is better? 30mm or 1"?
A: The scope with the larger tube (30mm) will take in more light and give you a cleaner picture. Many consumer grade scopes will come in 1" though and will be less expensive and easy to find so you also could go that route. After the tube diameter, the feature set will be your determining factor.

What's Included In The Box: 

  • 2 x NcSTAR Scope Rings

Quick Overview:

  • Full Metal Construction
  • Thumb screw mount
  • Low Profile

Technical Specifications:

  • Model Number: RB26
  • Construction: Full metal
  • Profile: Low
  • Compatibility: 30mm and 1" tube diameter scopes, Picatinny Rails

Alternate Lookup: RB26

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