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Enhanced Pistol Laser

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About the Enhanced Pistol Laser

This is a metal rail mounted laser that is ideal for pistols but can also be mounted to rifles. This laser mounts to any picatinny rail system and is small and low profile enough to fit many pistols. The body is made of solid aluminum with metal mounting hardware for durability. It utilizes two bolts to clamp on to any picatinny rail system. Activation is done via the controls on the back and side of the unit. The laser can be adjusted to be zeroed. We do not recommend or warranty this item if used on a real gun, it is not suited for actual recoil. The reason why firearms grade accessories are much more expensive is that these accessories are built to withstand recoil and hold a zero. Airsoft grade accessories such as this work fine in the realm of airsoft but should not be expected to perform like a more expensive laser. Like any laser, please use this accessory responsibly.

This laser is brought to us by the people from Lancer Tactical. Lancer Tactical has been around for a while and is the leader in budget airsoft guns and gear and make everything including some of the rifles we use in our starter kits. You will find that we at Fox Airsoft have a wide variety of items from Lancer Tactical such as holsters, patches, attachments, guns, pouches, clothing, and much much more. Many of these items are perfect for the beginners out there and those on a tight budget. We like their guns and even use some of them as our rentals for our local fields which means they see a lot of use and abuse and can handle it.

Q: Is the laser visible in the daytime?
A: Yes, but generally it is hard to see lasers during daylight hours and works best generally in low or no light situations.

Q: How far can the laser go out to?
A: Farther than you need, though at great distances the dot becomes more distorted and blooms out.

Q: What is better, red or green?
A: In low-light, both work really well. In daylight, green is slightly easier to see but we stand by our comment that lasers in general are hard to see in daylight (except for up close).

Q: Are airsoft lasers safe?
A: If used responsibly, you should have no problems. You can point them at the body but generally lasers in airsoft should be considered as novelty items or for use against non human targets. These lasers like any other beam emitting device are harmful if directly pointed at the eye so please use this product responsibly and do not shine the laser into the eyes of humans or animals. Doing so would cause harm. Also do not shine the laser into the air (at aircraft or at other vehicles in operation for that matter). This is illegal and punishable by law.

Quick Look: 

  • On/off switch
  • Adjustable zero
  • Metal construction
  • Batteries included
  • Picatinny rail mounted
  • Low profile for pistol mounting

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