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BFG U Loop

  • BFG U Loop
  • BFG U Loop
  • BFG U Loop
  • BFG U Loop




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About the BFG U Loop

The BFG U Loop is an advanced sling attachment that attaches in seconds and eliminates the rattle, damage, and inconvenience caused by other sling mounts. It replaces sling hooks and clips which have noisy hardware. Gone are metal hooks that can chew up metal or plastic eyelets. This keep it simple solution is remarkably easy and intuitive to use. Install or uninstall in seconds without any fuss.

The ULoop is the quick-detachable version of the popular Universal Wire Loop (UWL) sling attachment system offered by Blue Force Gear. Use this on weapons with eyelet style sling mounts such as HK, SIG, FN, and CZ style rifles. You can even utilize the holes inside handguards and rails such as Keymod. You can install this particular look in seconds without ever having to remove the sling. The design is based around a reinforced cable with a crimped ball end on each end. One part is permanently captured inside the sling loop while the other is the side you will loop through an eyelet on your gun. Once it is threaded in, it is locked into a channel on the sling loop which will hold it without any tools or external pieces needed to keep it secure. If your sling eyelets or loops are plastic like you may find on a G36 for example, you may want to add this to your gun rather than interfacing a mash hook directly to it. As mentioned the metal on plastic contact will likely wear out the plastic rather quickly or worse create a weak point and break at that spot. The cable through the eyelet alleviates all that and any potential damage from use is avoided.

The rattle free design is a welcome feature as well. If you play airsoft and run a lot, pay attention to the sounds of your environment then more importantly your gear. Every piece of metal making contact on metal, high cap magazines, any of your bulky gear making contact with the bushes for example. If you are wanting to play in a sneaky manner you'll appreciate your equipment not giving away your position. 

Blue Force Gear is a real gear company that makes products for real world use. They make excellent hardware and soft goods for use by military and police worldwide. They are famous for their Ten Speed series lightweight elastic pouches, their brilliant slings, and of course their hardware that makes everything so much more convenient and effective. All BFG products are proudly made in the USA.

What's Included In The Box: 

  • 1 x BFG U Loop

Quick Overview:

  • Innovative Design
  • Easy to Use
  • Installs in Seconds
  • Eliminates Sling Rattle
  • Protects your Gun and Sling Mounts
  • No springs or other hardware that could potentially fail one day
  • Made in the USA

Technical Specifications:

  • Model Number: UWL-UL1-125-BK
  • Manufacturer: Blue Force Gear
  • Compatibility: Slings 1.25" and larger in width



Alternate Lookup: UWL-UL1-125-BK

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