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Condor Tactical Leg Holster

  • Condor Tactical Leg Holster
  • Thumb Snap Retention




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About the Condor Tactical Leg Holster:

If you are looking for a great holster that can fit many types of pistols and will fit any budget, check out this tactical leg holster by Condor. This holster is made from Cordura style nylon so it is very tough and will last. The main compartment has a general shape that will allow it to accept medium frame pistols as well as some large pistols, even when fitted with a light or laser sight. The pistol is retained by an adjustable velcro thumb break strap which will keep your pistol secure and in place until it is needed. To draw, simply place your thumb over the velcro strap and push downward to undo the strap and draw your pistol. The leg straps are of course adjustable for any body type and thus will work with adults or smaller persons just fine. The straps have a built in non-slip surface so the holster stays planted on your leg.

If you are planning to carry a pistol in your next airsoft game, having a holster is a must. Losing your expensive pistol out in the field is no fun and is very likely to happen if you do not have good gear such as a holster to keep it safe. Simple tasks such as moving around and doing objects is enough to make your pistol drop and get lost if you do not have any gear to keep it secure. Alternately you could look at a lanyard to secure your pistol further when run in conjunction with a good holster (if your pistol is equipped with a lanyard loop like on old school 1911s and Berettas). The nylon that this holster is made of, as is much of the tactical gear out there, is a tough Cordura type material. It can stand to the rigors of hard use without fraying or tearing. It also resists moisture to some degree so your gear doesn't get wet and moldy from splashes of water and mud.

About Condor Outdoor

Condor Outdoor is a great brand for airsoft players who want the feel of something high quality and durable without being too expensive. We would rank this almost near our premium items in terms of quality and below that in terms of cost. Condor even has a line for their premium gear called the Elite series for those who have serious use requirements for their gear. All of their gear is made of great quality material that won't break the bank and are feature filled so you get a lot of function as well as solid looks.

Quick Look: 

  • Available in multiple colors (Tan, OD)
  • Fixed sleeve design can accept most pistols with lights and lasters
  • Thumb break retention system with additional velcro strap to secure weapon
  • Fully adjustable leg strap with non-slip rubber lining and quick release buckle
  • One magazine pouch, with adjustable velcro strap
  • Will fit Medium or Large size pistol.

What's Included:

  • Condor Tactical Leg Holster

Alternate Lookup:

  • TLH

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