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Condor 3-fold Mag Recovery Pouch

  • Condor 3-fold Mag Recovery Pouch - Tan
  • Condor 3-fold Mag Recovery Pouch - OD
  • Condor 3-fold Mag Recovery Pouch - Black
  • Condor 3-fold Mag Recovery Pouch - Multicam
  • Condor 3-fold Mag Recovery Pouch (Folded)
  • Mounted To Pistol Belt
  • Mounts To MOLLE




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Quick Look: 

  • Available in multiple colors
    • Black
    • OD
    • Tan
    • Multicam
  • 420 denier pack cloth closure with drawstring and cord lock
  • Attaches to web belt or MOLLE

What's Included:

  • Condor 3-fold Mag Recovery Pouch

About the Condor 3-fold Mag Recovery Pouch

Are you looking for a versatile pouch that can hold virtually anything? Don't lose your magazines! The Condor 3-fold Mag Recovery Pouch is your answer. 

The magazine dump pouch is an overlooked piece of gear that everybody should have. The dump pouch gives you a place to store your empty magazines when you run out of ammo. If you play quite a bit you know you do not want to lose your expensive magazines. Many of us began playing airsoft wearing a hoodie and some jeans and stuffing magazines in our pockets. Once we got active and started to run around, many of us end up losing our spare magazines in the process. This is not fun and can amount to a lot of money lost if you don't secure your equipment. You don't need to start off with a fancy vest but you could add this to your kit and it will make your life so much easier. The only thing you need to make this work is a belt however you could attach it to your MOLLE vest as well.

As a lot of new players get into the sport, we always try to share and relate our experience with the new breed of airsofters to save some headache and frustration and save you money. Well this item is probably one of those items that will save you a lot of fuss. The way it works is that you simply run your belt through the loop and wear this as a pouch on your body. Where you keep it is your personal preference but you can experiment with how you like it by putting some magazines in there and running around and seeing if it bothers you. 

The Condor 3-Fold Magazine Recovery Pouch is designed to be rolled up and stay out of your way until it is time to use it. When you need to use it, just unfold it and begin using it as storage for spent magazines. The snap button loops allow this pouch to be attached to any tactical belt or MOLLE-webbing found on your gear. This pouch features a large single compartment with a drawstring. There are drainage grommets a the bottom. The internal flaps and the drawstring up top will keep your items secure to ensure things only come out when you want it to. When you want this pouch out of the way, roll it up and secure with the hook and loop up top. It is constructed of durable 420 denier material so it will last for years to come.

Q: How much does this dump pouch hold?

A: We have tested this pouch and we found that it could hold 10 x M4 mid cap magazines without any problems with some room to spare.


Alternate Lookup: 

  • MA22-001
  • MA22-002
  • MA22-003
  • MA22-008

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