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Condor Double 40mm Grenade Pouch

  • Condor Double 40mm Grenade Pouch - Tan
  • Condor Double 40mm Grenade Pouch - OD
  • Condor Double 40mm Grenade Pouch - Black




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Quick Look: 

  • Available in Multiple Colors (Black, Tan, OD)
  • Hook & Loop Adjustment
  • Integrated MOLLE Mounting
  • Holds 2 40mm grenade shells or similar dimension items (grenade shells measure about ~4" x 1.75")

What's Included:

  • Condor Double 40mm Grenade Pouch

About the Condor Double 40mm Grenade Pouch

The Condor Double 40mm Grenade Pouch is a great option if you're looking to carry 40mm shells into the field.  Simply mount the pouch to your MOLLE platform and you're good to go. The dual pouch can accommodate a variety of airsoft 40mm shells from your normal rounds to the more cylindrical 40 Mikes from Airsoft Innovations. The top flap is velcro with button snaps as a backup method of retention. The flap is adjustable so that the pouch can accept various types of grenades including the longer 40 Mike. The bottom of the pouch is open but the shells are suspended by elastic on both pockets. On the back you have two integrated straps acting as MOLLE loops so that you do not have to purchase separate MALICE clips. MOLLE gives you the benefit of flexibility to mount this or any other pouch exactly where you want it so you can grab it exactly when you need it. The right gear and right setup will set you up for success. If you utilize your gear incorrectly it'll only add to wasted money and a bad time.

About Airsoft Grenades and their use in general

Grenades in the world of airsoft can come in the form of dummies as well as functional ones. The functional ones we offer are different from one another and do totally different things. We have sound impact grenades, BB shower type grenades, and grenades that shoot streams of BBs. Based on your local field's rules their use may be limited or restricted outright. All of these grenades will be powered by some sort of compressed gas such as Green Gas or CO2. All of these grenades in our current lineup are also reusable so as long as you can recover them and you keep them maintained you can use them again later. Popular shells that we offer are the ASG brand 40mm shells and the Airsoft Innovations 40 Mike.

Q: Wait, there's grenades in airsoft?
A: Yes! Just like many things in airsoft, you can live out your fantasies doing such things as getting grenade kills in a milsim type environment.

Q: Do airsoft grenades actually explode?
A: Depending on which airsoft grenade you have, some can shoot BBs all over the place and some are just loud noise grenades.

Q: How are airsoft grenades "powered"?
A: Again, depending on which airsoft grenade you have you might be using green gas or CO2.

Q: Are these grenades reusable?
A: Depending on the design, some are refillable and some have reusable main components that require a refill kit to use again. Noise based grenades will typically require you to purchase new components to continue their use.

Q: Are grenades legal for airsoft?
A: Check with the airsoft field where you will be playing to see if grenades are allowed. It is up to the field owner discretion whether or not to allow functioning airsoft grenades onto their field.

Alternate Lookup: 

  • MA13-001
  • MA13-002
  • MA13-003


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