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Condor Double Pistol Mag Pouch

  • Condor Double Pistol Mag Pouch - Tan
  • Condor Double Pistol Mag Pouch - Black
  • Condor Double Pistol Mag Pouch - OD
  • Condor Double Pistol Mag Pouch - Multicam




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Quick Look: 

  • Available in multiple colors: Black, OD, Tan, Multicam
  • Holds 2 Double Stack or Single Stack Pistol Magazines

What's Included:

  • Condor Double Pistol Mag Pouch

About the Condor Double Pistol Mag Pouch

The Condor double pistol pouch is a MOLLE compatible closed top magazine pouch. The closed top gives you the best security and magazine retention out of any types of pouches out there. This pouch holds a single pistol magazine in each pocket. There is additional sewn in elastic material to improve retention and fit for magazines of all sizes across the board. There is sewn in elastic to give your magazines additional security as well.  Condor pouches come with their own integral loops built in so MALICE clips are not needed. Typical MOLLE pouches will use MALICE clips which may or not be included with the pouch so that is a potential added cost.

When it comes to pouch selection, everyone will have different needs and different ways to solve their gear problems. The beauty of MOLLE is that it is modular, meaning you can configure things how you like without any modifications. If you have a MOLLE chest rig or plate carrier you pretty much have creative liberties on how you want to set your gear up for the next game. How we see this working is you're going to go out and play a few games and something happens to you in game. It might be that you couldn't reload fast enough. Or maybe you did not bring enough ammo to begin with. All these can be solved with the addition of the correct MOLLE pouches. In our experience, open top pouches and closed top pouches both have their place. Some people run both at the same time. Do you see yourself going through a lot of magazines in a short period of time? Then open top magazine pouch style may be for you. We could see aggressive CQB players needed the fastest reloads. For those that want to carry magazines as securely as possible, nothing beats a closed top pouch. This is ideal for people doing milsim ops with long patrols and lots of movement so maximum ammo carriage is a must but so is retention. Some people run a combination of both - the open top pouches for the speed reloads and the closed top pouches for carrying the extras, and then rotating those mags into the open top pouch as you use them. Practice makes perfect though! We've seen some people operate the closed top pouches faster than some people with the open tops, it just takes practice.

Condor Outdoor is a great brand for airsoft players who want the feel of something high quality and durable without being too expensive. We would rank this almost near our premium items in terms of quality and below that in terms of cost. Condor even has a line for their premium gear called the Elite series for those who have serious use requirements for their gear.

Alternate Lookup: 

  • MA23-001, MA23-002, MA23-003, MA23-008

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