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Condor M4 Mag Insert

  • Condor M4 Mag Insert
  • The Condor M4 Mag Insert can be mounted inside of Condor Gun Cases
  • The Condor M4 Mag Insert fits into a range bag
  • Condor M4 Mag Insert
  • The Condor M4 Mag Insert integrates with the MOPC plate carrier.




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Quick Look: 

  • Available in multiple colors: OD, Black, Tan
  • Designed to integrate MOPC's front map pocket into open top mag pouch.
  • Holds three M4/M16 mag.
  • Retention bungee with pull tabs
  • Hook backing attaches to any loop surface.

What's Included:

  • Condor M4 Mag Insert

About the Condor M4 Mag Insert

The Condor M4 mag Insert is designed to convert the integrated map pocket in Condor's Modular Operator Plate Carrier into an open to mag pouch. It's slim design and heavy duty velcro backing make it ideal for use with other types of tactical gear, from chest rigs to gun bags. The Condor M4 Mag Insert is capable of holding up to 3 AR style magazines, or any magazine of similar style. The insert has open top pockets however there are bungees present to keep your magazines retained and dsecure. This pouch insert adds another degree of gear customization not previously thought of. This triple magazine holder can work in some range bags as well.  Available in three colors; Tan, Black, and OD Green.

Do you need a tactical vest? You don't absolutely need one to play but if you are carrying extra ammo or that expensive pistol of yours, you can appreciate it being easy to access and also not losing any of that expensive stuff in the middle of the game. This has happened to all of us at the beginning when we think playing with just a hoodie and jeans is enough. Mags always fell out of our pocket and it was a bummer not only when we needed them the most only to discover they are gone but also come after when you realize you just lost yourself $20-30 in magazines or worse your pistol out on the field. That is the main reason to get one. It's not so much the protection although there is some protection value there too but it's about keeping things organized.

The blessing and the curse of modular gear is the limitless possibilities for your setups and the ability to adapt based on one platform but the curse is the fact that you will probably be tinkering with your loadout to find your optimal setup for a given situation. We find it to be a love/hate relationship because when you play for a bit you're always trying to make things more convenient and more accessible so you can get faster reload times and fumble with your gear less. With modular gear you aren't married to a particular arrangement of pouches so you don't have to start over if you want to make a minor change.

Condor Outdoor is a great brand for airsoft players who want the feel of something high quality and durable without being too expensive. We would rank this almost near our premium items in terms of quality and below that in terms of cost. Condor even has a line for their premium gear called the Elite series for those who have serious use requirements for their gear.

Alternate Lookup:

  • VA6-001, VA6-002, VA6-003

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