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Condor MP5 Mag Pouch

  • Condor MP5 Mag Pouch - Tan
  • Condor MP5 Mag Pouch - OD




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Quick Look: 

  • Available in multiple colors (Black, OD, Tan)
  • Holds 3 MP5 Magazines
  • Integral MALICE interfacing loops
  • Velcro flap with clips

What's Included:

  • Condor MP5 Mag Pouch

About the Condor MP5 Mag Pouch

Are you looking for a pouch to hold your extra MP5 Magazines?  The Condor MP5 Mag Pouch is your solution. This pouch is designed especially for MP5s and sub guns with stick magazines that are on the skinnier side. For those running more modern submachinegun style airsoft guns, these guns with wider magazines such as the UMP and Scorpion mags won't work here. Condor does make pouches just for the bigger sub gun magazines though. With this pouch you will get a very snug and secure fit in these pouches due to the redundant retention features built into these pouches. First, you have sewn in elastic which will hold your magazines still. Next you also have a flap on top with velcro tabs for adjustability for even better fitment. And finally you have quick release buckles to top that off so you can open the pouch right away. These pouches are available in several colors to match your loadout. Condor pouches have sewn in webbing that interfaces with MOLLE vests, chest rigs, and MOLLE platforms. The webbing replaces the traditional MALICE clips found in other pouches which are usually an item sold separately.

MOLLE gear is somewhat of a mixed blessing as there are limitless possibilities for your setups and the ability to adapt based on one platform but the you will probably be tinkering with your loadout to find your optimal setup for a given situation. We feel (as do most people) that the pros outnumber the one con which is cost. But if you find the fun is in the journey then you will like MOLLE! We find it to be a love/hate relationship because when you play for a bit you're always trying to make things more convenient and more accessible so you can get faster reload times and fumble with your gear less. With modular gear you aren't married to a particular arrangement of pouches so you don't have to start over if you want to make a minor change. If you own numerous types of airsoft guns you can appreciate the ability to reconfigure your loadout to match the type of airsoft gun you are going to use on your next big game day.

Condor Outdoor is a great brand for airsoft players who want the feel of something high quality and durable without being too expensive. Condor Outdoor has been in the business for almost 20 years and are well regarded by our customers as a brand you can trust. We would rank this almost near our premium items in terms of quality and below that in terms of cost. Condor even has a line for their premium gear called the Elite series for those who have serious use requirements for their gear.

Alternate Lookup: 

  • MA37-001, MA37-002, MA37-003, MA37-008

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