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ASG Tappet Plate

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About The ASG Ultimate Upgrade Series Tappet Plate

This is an upgrade/replacement part for your gearbox. The function of the tappet plate is to move the air seal nozzle back and forth during the firing cycle to feed the next round and position the nozzle forward to chamber the round and then direct the air through the nozzle to propel the BB. This is accomplished when the sector gear makes a revolution and a cam on the gear will interact with the tappet plate and pull it back during the cycle. This is not a wear item in terms of a finite lifespan but old plastics can get brittle over long periods of time so you should replace it when it breaks, otherwise it's hard to say how long the service life on this particular component will be.

When you fire your AEG in semi-auto, this is a step by step description of each components functioning:

  1. Trigger is pulled, the electrical circuit is open with the shuttle touching the contacts, energy is transferred to the motor from the battery
  2. Motor turns and spins the bevel gear which turns the spur gear which turns the sector gear
  3. The sector gear draws the piston back, compressing the spring, almost simultaneously pulling back the tappet plate to allow a BB into the hopup chamber
  4. Tappet plate is released just before firing, seating the air seal nozzle against the BB in the chamber
  5. The piston is released and slams forward, forcing the air inside the cylinder through the air seal nozzle launching the BB
  6. The cutoff lever is tripped by the sector gear as well and releases the shuttle, breaking the electrical connection and stopping after a single cycle of the gearbox

If your gun is exhibiting feeding issues that are not magazine related, it could likely be an issue with the tappet plate or the position of the nozzle assuming that everything in your gun is stock and unaltered. The timing of these components is very important but this is rare that it would exhibit issues from the factory. It typically would be isolated to the magazine first.

Although Fox Airsoft only services local customers for repairs and upgrades at this current moment, you may ask us for help or consult one of our techs by reaching out to us by phone or e-mail. Our number is (888)316-7816 and our general sales email is Doing your own upgrades and repairs will void your warranty if you have one. It is advised that you do not purchase upgrade parts as a band aid solution for a gun that is not working unless you determine the actual problem. Upgrading several components at once may not solve your problem and may present other ones as well. Although this component is designed for the version 2 gearbox, varying manufacturer tolerances between the gearbox maker and the other parts means that some fitment may be required. We do not warranty parts where install has been attempted or used.

Quick Look:

  • Polycarbonate tappet plate
  • Relief cuts for certain reinforced gearbox

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